You’re only shocked if you’re dumb: Poll shows blacks oppose defunding the police

A poll that shows ridiculously low support from black voters for defunding the police should be the final nail in the coffin for Democrats’ anti-law and order campaign of the last seven years. commissioned a poll, along with the Kaiser Family Foundation, which found that 82% of black respondents want police funding either to be kept about the same (48%) or increased (34%). Only 17% wanted it decreased.

It’s just like Kari Lake said in a recent confrontation with a reporter. If you go into most black neighborhoods and talk about defunding the police, they’ll look at you “like you’re the craziest person on the planet.” But it’s one thing for a white, conservative Republican to say it — it’s far more important to hear black respondents in a poll confirm it overwhelmingly.

We have pointed it out here again and again and again. In any given year, the police shoot and kill less than 20 unarmed black men, according to the Washington Post database of police shootings. This year, it’s only six so far.

That it is even that many is a tragedy, but it’s also a very low number, signifying an event that is extremely rare in a population of 330 million.

Now, contrast that number with the number of black men being murdered annually by someone other than the police — about 10,000 in 2020, the last year for which we have complete homicide victim data. The racial disproportion of murder victims has become so great that the police are actually the far less discriminatory killers. After all, most of the people shot by the police are white —we just don’t hear as much about those cases, because they don’t serve the corporate media’s preferred narrative that police are organized racist gangs hunting black people all across America. Stories about cops shooting white people won’t keep everybody scared and voting Democrat — quick, better come up with something else for the front page!

The fact that this poll was commissioned by such an ideologically blinded, left-wing, racialist news organization as TheGrio only makes it better. The poll is replete with embarrassing facts for the left-wing narrative about today’s situation in the country. For example, only 2% of these black respondents believe “racism” is the biggest concern facing them today. It’s as if none of them actually read TheGrio or watch conspiracy theorist Joy Reid on television. Who would have thought?

Meanwhile, we need a serious conversation about the fact that murder victims are not only disproportionately black but that the disproportion has been growing over time. It was only in 2011 that blacks became 50% of U.S. murder victims. As of last year, that number is north of 60%. And one reason is that, ever since the media turned career criminal Michael Brown into a hero for trying to take a gun off a cop, the police have been less aggressive about protecting black citizens in the neighborhoods where they live. This is not to say that there aren’t unresolved issues about how the police operate, but the answer is more and better, not less.

And even when the police do their jobs, violent career criminals are being let out of jail through the Democrats’ revolving door. The latest example is yet another graduate of the Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner university of criminality. Jahmir Harris was convicted by a jury of murder over a drug-related dispute, but Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner got him released based on bogus concerns about the integrity of his conviction. Now, he is charged with killing another victim after his release. And guess what race his alleged victim is? Does his life matter?

Thank Krasner for that one, but also thank the Democrats’ U.S. Senate nominee in his state, John Fetterman, for supporting Krasner and advocating the release of nearly 2,000 convicted murderers. Like all violent criminals, they are likely to create more victims — and mostly black victims — after they get out.

Is it any wonder that Democrats are suddenly, desperately trying to change their image on this question, even to the point of feigning concern about crime for the first time in years, at this late stage of the election?

What a shock, that blacks, the victims of the overwhelming majority of violent crimes, support law and order and don’t want to cut criminals a break.

Who would have thought? Probably everyone except white liberals.

* Article from: The Washington Examiner