Who is Paul Hicks? Professor scoffs at outrage over ‘Satan Club’ meetings at Golden Hills Elementary School

TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA: A California elementary school is facing backlash from parents after it was revealed the school is allowing an ‘After School Satan Club’ on campus where there are children as young as five. Parents are outraged by the Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, California located in Kern county believing the club organizers are being “deceptive with their tactics and motives.”

However, Paul Hicks, a professor who will lead the satanic club alleged that clubs like Good News that spread the word of God led to the decision to start The Satanic Temple-endorsed group. Angry parents have called the decision to allow the satanic club “disgusting” and “a mistake,” reported Daily Mail. One parent said, “It’s just sick that they are targeting elementary school kids. Those are just babies.” To which, Paul Hicks said, “That kind of reaction was expected.”

Who is Paul Hicks?
Paul Hicks, who is reportedly a critical-thinking professor and the man to lead the club at the Northern California elementary school said, “We’ve already gotten threats against us. As I would often say, there’s no hate like Christian love.” Despite the controversial name, the club alleges that they do not promote satanic teachings. Hicks reportedly taking a dig at the Good News Club said, “There’s currently a Good News Club there which is teaching kids to go save souls for Jesus, at the school. We want to give an alternative point of view.” Hicks added, “I’m not teaching these kids to be Satanic, I’m not teaching these kids that they need to hail Satan or identify as Satanists.”

Outraged parents and the community weighed on the decision. “So several people have told me that the new Satan after school club at Golden Hills elementary is not a religion, but a philosophy club … Then why did they choose Satan? Why not the Jean Paul Satre existentialism club? Why not the Descartes club?” asked Joe Lathrop. “They put Satan in the name for a reason. People should stop being intellectually dishonest and just own up to the fact that they want kids to worship Satan as a secular god,” the man continued.

On the website for The Satanic Temple, the group states they do “not advocate for religion in schools,” but “once religion invades schools, as The Good News Clubs have, The Satanic Temple will fight to ensure that plurality and true religious liberty are respected.” The meetings at Golden Hills Elementary will begin in December stated a flyer. However, children will need signed permission by a parent or legal guardian before they attend the club. The club is meant to “educate children and encourage critical thinking,” said Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for the After School Satan Club. “Nobody has to engage with it who doesn’t want to, and children are going to need to have permission slips signed by their parents to have any involvement at all,” said Greaves.

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