Mom Of 5 Dies Following Johnson & Johnson Vaccine But Her Family Still Supports The Shot

Diana Carroll was a mom of five who loved kids. She was a 45-year-old preschool educator who likely had a tough year based on the coronavirus making education difficult for teachers. She was probably excited to have the chance to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, she suffered from a devastating and fatal health crisis not long after getting her Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine.

Just 12 days after receiving the shot, she started suffering from a headache. Her family brought her to the emergency room, where doctors found out she had a brain hemorrhage.

She’s one of the reasons why the United States has chosen to put a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution. While these results aren’t typical whatsoever, authorities wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

Of the nearly 7 million in the US who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a total of six women have gotten sick with the blood condition, and of them, Diana was the only death.

It’s unclear as to whether or not the vaccine was the cause of this, but her family has urged people to not let Diana’s tragic story stop them from getting vaccinated.

“I don’t want her story to inhibit others from getting vaccinated,” her brother wrote online. “Please get vaccinated.”

  • Article from: Little Things