The absurdity of gender self-identification

The transgender Canadian teacher who shocked the world while wearing Z-size prosthetic breasts in the classroom is in the news again.

Fury ensued in September when images of the shop class teacher wearing skintight clothing over an abnormally large, fake bosom adorned with prominent nipples went viral. This behavior was inappropriate and bizarre. But many were also outraged by the fact that if a female teacher were to display her body in a similar way, she would surely be told to put on a bra, dress more professionally, or possibly be fired.

Instead, the school board told the Toronto Sun that they would be protecting any individual’s “gender rights” and “standing behind the teacher.” The board is back in the press again after recently reiterating this support, warning attending students that they will be suspended if they take photos or videos of the teacher.

It’s unclear whether this is a case of top-tier trolling, as there has been speculation that prior to identifying as female, this teacher was known to be against wokeness and gender-neutral bathrooms. I personally have a hard time believing that a transgender woman would choose to present publicly like this, as trans people typically want to be accepted by society and blend in after transitioning, not draw attention to themselves in an extreme or unflattering way. As someone who specialized in studying paraphilias when I was an academic sex researcher, there are several possible reasons why an individual would choose to wear such an outrageous get-up in a school setting. (I cannot speak to this individual case, as I have never met the teacher in question.) Autogynephilia, which translates from Greek to “love of oneself as a woman,” refers to the fact that some individuals who were born male experience sexual arousal at the thought of becoming a woman. One way to act out associated fantasies is by wearing latex prosthetics to simulate having female anatomy, including breasts and genitalia.

Exhibitionism involves exposing one’s genitals or breasts to unsuspecting people for erotic reasons. Sexual sadism is sexual gratification at causing other people to experience distress, humiliation, and discomfort. It is also potentially grooming behavior to expose children to sexual materials. The entire ordeal reflects how far and grotesque the boundaries of equity and gender self-identification can be pushed. The silence from transgender activists and their allies in denouncing it is telling.

* Article from: The Washington Examiner