Elon Spills on When to Expect the ‘Fauci Files’

As we reported, Elon Musk teased on Sunday that the New Year “won’t be boring,” before dropping a leftist who tried to take a nasty shot at him with a response that showed just how hypocritical she was being.

But there was another interesting response to his New Year post. Juanita Broaddrick, the former nursing home administrator who said that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, replied to Musk’s tweet about the New Year, asking when the “Fauci Files” would be dropping. Musk responded that the Twitter files on Fauci would be dropping “later this week.”

Later this week

Elon Musk made it very clear that he thinks that there are a lot of questions that need to be resolved when it comes to the matter of Dr. Anthony Fauci and COVID. A couple of weeks ago, he infuriated some on the left taking both a shot at their gender policing and Fauci, tweeting, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.” That prompted a response/possible threat from former CIA head John Brennan and Elon wrecked him in response.

Since then Musk has made multiple comments about Fauci, indicating he thinks there’s a lot to drop about Fauci’s actions.

The Twitter Files have already touched on government involvement in the suppression of speech that went against the government’s preferred COVID narrative. Musk revealed that Twitter was so enraptured by Fauci that they had an internal “Fauci Fan Club” Slack channel.

Musk has called out Fauci for saying that criticism of him was criticizing “science” because he represented science. Musk noted that questioning was a fundamental part of being a scientist and part of the scientific method.

Anyone who says that questioning them is questioning science itself cannot be regarded as a scientist

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 28, 2022

Musk has pointed to multiple articles about Fauci, and said that he lied to Congress, funding gain of function research. He’s cited an article about Fauci being untruthful to Congress regarding Wuhan Lab research. Musk also pointed out that Fauci restarted gain-of-function research and our Managing Editor, Jennifer Van Laar, pointed out how Fauci did so without permission.

Restarted it without permission! https://t.co/KUffsKTP4J

— Jennifer Van Laar (@jenvanlaar) December 28, 2022

Musk also commented on the New York Times farewell piece about Fauci that noted that Fauci’s home office was full of portraits of him, even bobblehead Fauci dolls. Fauci said that they were sent to him by fans, he was upset that the “far right” had previously commented about them, that such a display showed he was an egomaniac. Well, he got one thing right there, but note the shot with the “far right.” Not only did that display Fauci’s bias, but it wasn’t true as Musk showed. He thought it was pretty creepy as well. Musk also made a joke about him looking at the “science” since Fauci considers himself “science.”

Maybe he just loves looking at science?

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 30, 2022

Fauci’s last day in government was Saturday, he finally retired after more than 50 years and being the highest-paid government official. But as even the NY Times softball article noted, he faces questioning by Congress in the future over his COVID actions and what he did regarding gain-of-function research. Add in the “Fauci Files,” and grab the popcorn, it sounds like we’re going to be getting a lot of interesting information and hopefully, finally, some accountability.

* Article from: Red State