Profiles in Pettiness: Biden Threw Fits About About Reminders of Trump in the WH

We’ve seen Joe Biden constantly lying about his background to puff himself up and make himself seem more than he is. That’s narcissism but it’s also a sign of someone with a severe insecurity problem, someone who feels very deficient. That’s why he always has to be the smartest. Because he knows he isn’t. It’s why he’s so prickly about being challenged and lashes out in anger. Because he knows the person who is questioning him is right.

According to the new book by Chris Whipple about Joe Biden, “The Fight of His Life,” Biden appears to have been very intimidated by President Donald Trump. As I previously reported, Biden was concerned that members of the Secret Service might still be loyal to Trump and he was afraid to talk around them. He thought some might be “MAGA sympathizers” because so many were ex-cops who were white and from the South. How paranoid is that? Not to mention biased. He even believed they were lying about his dog Major biting them.

But according to the book, Biden also appears to have felt very threatened by President Donald Trump and hated reminders of him in the White House.

How petty and childish was Biden? According to Whipple, Biden was so insecure he wanted to get rid of the famous Resolute Desk in the Oval Office just because Trump used it, even though it had been used by many presidents before Trump and was of such historic significance. Queen Victoria gave it to the White House as a gift in 1880 and John F. Kennedy was the first to use the desk in the Oval Office. After Kennedy, the desk was moved around a little, including to the Smithsonian. But it came back to the Oval Office under Jimmy Carter in 1977, and it has been used by every president since, becoming a fixture of the room.

But Biden wanted to replace it with a desk belonging to Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, Biden found out that FDR’s desk “couldn’t be moved” from the Roosevelt Estate in Hyde Park, so Biden wasn’t able to get what he wanted. He just had to deal with the reminder that Trump used the Resolute Desk. Poor soul, what a hardship that must have been for him.

That wasn’t all. He would curse out Trump whenever he took a friend around the presidential quarters, according to Whipple. He was also upset that Trump had a big-screen television and a golf simulator that allowed Trump to practice his swing. It was still at the White House when Biden got there and he showed it to a guest, cursing Trump, saying “What a f**king a**hole.” As we saw in a video of him golfing in St. Croix with his grandson, it looks like Biden is a pretty lousy golfer.

But all that background information makes this video Biden put out to try to impress us with all the bills he signed all the funnier, knowing he probably was reminded of Trump as he sat there.

At the end of a historic, productive session of Congress full of bipartisan results, I still have a few bills left to sign.

Take a guess how long it took me to sign a stack of 65 of them.

— President Biden (@POTUS) December 29, 2022

It also was another sign of Biden’s perpetual insecurity — “Look at all the bills I’ve signed.” However, it got mocked as performance art and for being typical of Democrats because he signed them all without reading any of them on the video. Frankly, I’m not even sure he knows what he’s signing.

* Article from: Red State