Texas Supreme Court rules against father seeking to prevent ‘chemical castration’ of his son

A Texas father has accused the Texas Supreme Court of being party to an “empire of child abuse” after the justices rejected his request to prevent his ex-wife from subjecting their son to chemical castration through the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Jeff Younger, who has gained national attention for his opposition to his ex-wife’s efforts to identify their son, James, as a girl named Luna, and encourage him to undergo experimental medicalized gender transition, announced on Twitter Friday that “the Supreme Court of Texas denied my Mandamus, effectively terminating my parental rights.”

He further warned that “my children are now subject to being chemically castrated in California,” concluding that “Texas is an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges.”

Younger’s ex-wife is Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician and non-biological mother of James and his twin brother, Jude.

In their denial of Younger’s petition for mandamus, the justices wrote: “This pro se mandamus petition arises from a child-custody dispute involving twin boys, one of whom has exhibited confusion about his gender. Mother, who has custody of the boys, recently moved to California after a Dallas County district court, in September 2022, authorized Mother to reside with the children anywhere in the continental United States.”

Noting that the effort to secure a court order seeking the return of his ex-wife and their children to Texas stems from a concern that their move to California “will bring about the medical ‘transitioning’ of his son,” the Texas Supreme Court contended that such an order is not necessary because Younger “is already in possession of a court order prohibiting Mother from doing precisely what he fears she will do with his son.” It also addresses Younger’s reservations about the now-enacted Senate Bill 107.

Signed into law by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom last year, Senate Bill 107 went into effect on Sunday and makes California a sanctuary state for those who want to prescribe puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or perform body-mutilating sex-change surgeries on minors. California refers to these experimental drugs and surgeries as “gender-affirming care” for children showing signs of gender confusion.

The law grants state courts “temporary emergency jurisdiction” if a child “is subjected to, or threatened with, mistreatment or abuse, or because the child has been unable to obtain gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

The Texas Supreme Court acknowledged that “the bill certainly casts a wide net in pursuit of its objectives” and “contains several provisions barring enforcement in California of ‘a law of another state’” prohibiting experimental gender medicalization, but insisted that it will have no impact on Texas’ court order that Younger’s ex-wife previously agreed to.

“While SB 107’s position on other states’ laws is clear, I see no provision in the bill that would alter the enforceability, in California, of a Texas court order requiring divorced parents to agree before subjecting their child to gender-transition therapy,” Justice James Blacklock wrote in the opinion.

However, Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, disagreed with the justices’ assertion, saying, “all the mom has to do is claim the son is suicidal and she’ll get a California court order so fast your head will spin.”

Schilling suggested that a California court could allow Younger’s ex-wife to move ahead with pursuing gender transition procedures for their son, a prospect that alarms Younger. “The Texas Supreme Court sent my son into a transgender meat grinder,” the concerned father lamented. “So much for conservative ‘Justices.’”

The Texas Supreme Court consists entirely of Republican justices. A list of orders from the Texas Supreme Court identifies Justice Devine as the only jurist who dissented from the denial of Younger’s petition for mandamus.

Texas’ Commissioner of Family and Protective Services, Jaime Masters, has classified medicalized gender transition for minors as a form of “child abuse,” and Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued an opinion coming to the same conclusion. The state Legislature has failed to pass a legislative ban preventing the prescribing of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or performing body-deforming operations on youth. Conservative advocacy groups have criticized state lawmakers’ inaction as an intentional act of sabotage.

Younger’s petition before the Texas Supreme Court is the latest development in a years-long legal battle with his ex-wife over who has custody of their children. In 2021, a court order gave Younger’s ex-wife “exclusive rights on a temporary basis” while allowing Younger to have limited visitation rights.

A ruling from the same judge issued the previous year reversed an earlier decision granting the parents joint conservatorship over their children and required Younger to pay for counseling sessions with so-called mental health professionals who subscribe to the idea that James is actually a girl, even though he is male.

A GiveSendGo fundraiser set up to raise money to prevent the efforts to socially and medically transition James Younger states: “When James is with his father, the boy shows no signs of wanting to be a girl. Even when in female company, away from Jeff, James rejects a female gender expression. Documentary evidence proves: James’ mother had plans to initiate medical interventions without the father’s consent.”

Specifically, records from James Younger’s pediatrician reveal that “James’ mother had conversations about puberty blockers at age 9 with Dr. Jennifer Pape.” The fundraiser maintains that the child has been “misdiagnosed” with gender dysphoria by “over-zealous licensed counselors” and Pape, viewing the Younger case as “the tip of the spear” in the fight for children “harmed and [led] astray by affirming false gender identities” and “threatened with medical interventions that lead to permanent harm.”

The American College of Pediatricians has identified the potential consequences of puberty blockers as “osteoporosis, mood disorders, seizures, cognitive impairment and, when combined with cross-sex hormones, sterility.”

Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are among the most common drugs given to children expressing gender confusion. According to the American College of Pediatricians, side effects of cross-sex hormones might include an “increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, blood clots and cancers across their lifespan.”

* Article from: The Christian Post