College student drops out, slams ‘force-fed indoctrination’: ‘College industrial complex’ is selling a big lie

CJ Pearson, an on-air personality for PragerU, announced that he dropped out of college with only three semesters left before graduating.

His reason for leaving? The “woke” agenda has permeated higher-level education, and he’s fighting back.

Pearson explained on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that students across the country are being “force-fed” indoctrination. He called it a “moral fight” on campuses.

“I’m being told that as a young Black man, I’m a victim, that America is irredeemably racist,” Pearson told host Steve Doocy.

“The next generation of America is at stake. And if we don’t fight back to reclaim our campuses, we will lose this country.”

In an op-ed for the New York Post, Pearson said modern colleges and university are the “stark opposite” of what they were intended to be.

Pearson called college a bad investment for young people and said PragerU offered him the opportunity to be part of the solution.

“The college industrial complex is real, and they have force-fed a big lie upon society today that we need college more than they need us,” he said.

Pearson criticized the institutions for acting with impunity and claiming moral superiority. He pointed to Stanford’s recent Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative as an example of wokeness influencing education.

Stanford said the goal of the initiative was to remove racist, violent and biased language from its websites and codes and to educate people on the impact of words. The list, however, discourages the use of terms like “American, peanut gallery, grandfather and stupid.”

Pearson said colleges implementing that type of agenda are “divorced” from reality because they believe students won’t leave. He questioned why parents and students would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to be taught to reject their values.

Pearson conceded that the atmosphere at the University of Alabama was largely conservative and offered good opportunities.

“But of course, you have those errant professors who are more focused on pushing their agenda,” he said.

Pearson said he’s now focused on his career with PragerU, where he helps equip other young conservatives to fight back against woke professors and universities.

“America is not a systemically racist nation. They are not a victim,” he said. “They can be a victor if they choose to be. And more should make that choice.”

* Article from: Fox News