Illinois House passes bill that would ban assault weapons

Early Friday morning, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban the sale of assault weapons. The bill, which was created in response to the mass shooting on July 4 last year in Highland Park, would also prohibit “rapid-fire devices” that create fully automatic weapons. Plus, it would ban the sale of large-capacity magazines.

The bill passed with a vote of 64-43. Democratic Representative Maura Hirschauer said the bill is an opportunity to reduce gun deaths while honoring the victims of gun violence.

“Gun violence is a uniquely American crisis,” she said. “In no other country do we take our kids to school or go to a parade or go for a walk in our neighborhood in fear for our lives.”

Opponents argued that the bill is unconstitutional and doesn’t address the mental health component of some mass shootings. Supporters say the bill won’t confiscate assault weapons — current owners will just have to register them. The bill heads to the Senate next.

* Article from: Audacy