Pennsylvania school district encouraging teachers to not disclose students’ gender identity to parents

A school district in Pennsylvania recently released a proposed policy that prohibits educators from informing parents of their child’s gender identity or preferred pronouns unless required by law.

The Upper Moreland School District’s proposed policy on “Transgender and Gender Diverse Students” was discussed at a school board meeting on Jan. 17.

Pronoun usage, preferred bathrooms and diversity training for staff are all covered under the new policy.

The guidelines offer definitions of various terms on gender identity, including “biological sex,” “gender fluid,” “genderqueer” and “questioning.”

In the proposed policy, teachers and staff are advised against informing parents of their child’s gender identity or pronoun usage unless required by law. When talking to parents, the guide states school personnel should solely focus on addressing school-related topics.

“To ensure confidentiality when discussing a particular concern such as conduct, discipline, grades, attendance, or health, school personnel’s focus should be specifically school related and not on the student’s gender identity or expression,” the guide reads.

Non-profit parent group Parents Defending Education is slamming the proposal to withhold information from parents.

“Schools only have authority over children because their parents delegate that authority,” PDE Director of Outreach Erika Sanzi said in a statement to FOX News Digital. “Parents give permission for the school to administer Tylenol or use their child’s photo on a flyer. It is a complete betrayal of trust for a school to withhold information and deliberately deceive parents about their child’s gender identity at school, a much more consequential issue than taking Tylenol.”

The proposed policy also includes that “positive information” about transgender issues must be incorporated into the curriculum and that the district must attempt to ensure information about these topics is accessible on school computers.

The district says it will conduct “staff training and ongoing professional development” to “prevent, identify and respond to harassment and discrimination.”

“In order to further a safe and supportive school environment for all students, the District will incorporate education and training about gender expansive and transgender students into their curriculum, student leadership trainings and staff professional development,” the policy states.

The proposal also states there will be a gender-neutral dress code, “equitable learning opportunities” in school and that students are to be addressed by the name and pronouns that correspond with their gender identity.

Students would be able to use restrooms or locker rooms and participate on sports teams that align with their gender identity.

School staff are urged to consider bullying against transgender students as sexual harassment and to investigate students accordingly.

The Upper Moreland School District did not immediately respond to FOX News Digital’s request for comment.

* Article from: Fox News