Protests Get Violent in NYC’s Times Square After Release of Tyre Nichols Video

We reported on the video released in the beating death of Tyre Nichols, and the video was not good.

The police officers involved, who were all black, were fired and charged with second-degree murder in his death. So, one would think that “justice” was being pursued. Nichols’ family reportedly called for peace, saying they didn’t want any disturbance and were satisfied with how the case had been proceeding so far.

But some in New York weren’t listening. There was a march with folks carrying the signs of the Party of Socialism and Liberation. People from the unaffiliated BLM group in New York, and their leader Hawk Newsome, were also marching. If you wonder who is marching in most leftist protests, PSL is almost always a big factor; you’ll see their recycled signs.

Justice for Tyre Nichols protesters in NYC chant, “No justice no peace, kill these killer police”

— Timcast News (@TimcastNews) January 28, 2023

Then, there were the unabashed Communists.

Young Communist contingent of the Justice for Tyre Nichols protest with “Down with pigs” and “Defund the NYPD” signs

— Timcast News (@TimcastNews) January 28, 2023

Then you had this guy who got bold and started stomping on this police car — with an officer still inside. The officer jumped out and then, other officers swooped in and grabbed this guy.

#HappeningNow Police make arrests in Times Square as a protester jumps on a cop car, smashing in window.

Protest is following #TyreNicholsVideo Release in Memphis.

Video by Ken Lopez / @FreedomNTV

— Oliya Scootercaster 📽️ (@ScooterCasterNY) January 28, 2023

That’s when it got a little wild, as his comrades then came to try to help free him and a lot of people all pressed in around the cops, including Newsome, who is the husky, black male with the beard.

Tonight, a protest turns violent just outside of Times Square in New York when on man stomps on the windscreen of a cop car, shattering it. Video shot by me. #tyrenichols

— Sarah Williamson (@SaWilliamson9) January 28, 2023

The cops then take down one of the leaders.

NYPD makes a targeted arrest against one of the lead marchers with a microphone at the Justice for Tyre Nichols protest, NYC

— Timcast News (@TimcastNews) January 28, 2023

People try to intervene in an arrest, and it starts getting wild. Then a woman jumps in and starts trying to hit a cop in the head. That was not a good idea because then, they try to arrest her.

Soon after, a woman attempts to hit a police officer and a man graffiti’s the police car, resulting in a brawl. Video shot by me. #NYPD #TyreNichols

— Sarah Williamson (@SaWilliamson9) January 28, 2023

Meanwhile, this is part of what Newsome said earlier to hype up the crowd in Union Square.

Warning for graphic language:

“Fuck peace, fuck peace! Where they being peaceful when they were stomping on brother Nichols head?” Hawk Newsom speaking at Union Square protest in New York City Following release of #TyreeNichols #TyreNichols tapes

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV

— Oliya Scootercaster 📽️ (@ScooterCasterNY) January 28, 2023

“F**k peace,” Newsome said multiple times. “We ain’t never taken violence off the f**king table.” Newsome echoed the mantra that CNN’s Van Jones referenced — the black cops aren’t “black, they’re blue,” Newsome claimed. “A pig is a pig… A cop is a cop and they are upholding white supremacy.” So, even if there are no white people involved, it’s still “white supremacy.”

Newsome continued, “We are not our ancestors. We will f**k you up. Black power.” Talk about insulting ancestors too.

Protests were being organized in multiple cities by the PSL and other leftist groups in Seattle, Portland, and Memphis. In Memphis, the marchers also shut down I-55.

* Article from: Red State