Tarlov Has Blunt Message for Migrants Complaining About ‘Ugly’ Shelter: ‘You’re Here by the Grace of Our Generosity’

Co-hosts of The Five unanimously reacted with derision after single male migrants receiving free housing in New York City complained about being moved from a three-star Manhattan hotel to a shelter in Brooklyn.

The shelter has free food, televisions, and ping-pong tables, among other amenities. Officials are transporting the men to make room in the hotel for migrant families.

On Tuesday, The Five aired a clip of one migrant griping about the “very ugly” shelter and complaining about his bed, which he said is like one found in military barracks.

After some remarks criticizing the migrants’ grousing from her conservative co-hosts, Jessica Tarlov agreed with them.

“It’s embarrassing,” she said. “It’s embarrassing for people like me that say, ‘I live in a sanctuary city, I think we should live up to that promise.’”

After invoking Ellis Island – the longtime landing spot for immigrants arriving in the U.S. – Tarlov put the migrants’ situation in these terms:

No one who got off that boat said, “Inside is worse than outside,” right? Or, “Food is worse than no food.” Those are your options. You legally do not belong here, at least at this point. I hope you will get a pathway to citizenship, that you’re a contributor to the New York economy and then to the greater United States economy.

But at this particular moment, you’re here by the grace of our generosity and to act like that is terrible. The story we covered couple weeks ago – the four migrants on Long Island who started robbing stores – there should be punishments for that. And there are better people that can take those spots.

Dana Perino added that any migrants who refuse a shelter be deported.

“One thing we should change is that if you refuse to move to one of these shelters that is being provided to you, that’s an automatic, outta here,” Perino said.

“Yeah,” Tarlov agreed.

“Deport,” Perino said. “You’re done.”

“It’s amazing we have to make that stipulation,” Greg Gutfeld said.

“It’s really frustrating,” Tarlov concluded.

* Article from: Mediaite