Chinese Nationals Caught Entering US at Southern Border Paid $35K Each to Smugglers

In an unsurprising yet disturbing incident, three Chinese nationals have been apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol while attempting to enter the United States illegally from Mexico. The trio paid human smugglers $35K each to get them into the country. From FOX News:

Fox News’ Bill Melugin was with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers when they witnessed the three Chinese nationals and a woman from Colombia cross illegally into Mission, Texas. The town lies near the southern tip of Texas, along the Rio Grande, and is a hotbed for illegal smuggling activity.

Texas DPS Trooper Lt. Chris Olivarez told Fox News the four individuals were brought across on a raft from Mexico.

Video shot by Fox News shows Border Patrol agents questioning the illegal migrants, who are visibly shivering in the cold. The migrants were later taken into custody and processed.

The Chinese nationals told troopers, through an interpreter, that they each paid the smuggler $35,000 to cross illegally into the U.S. Smugglers typically charge Chinese nationals at a higher rate.

“This is an example of how much money is involved with human smuggling and how it strengthens transnational criminal organizations who exploit the vulnerabilities from illegal immigrants and expose the open border policies imposed by the federal government,” Olivarez said.

The story adds that a Chinese interpreter was required to communicate with the Chinese illegals.

Still unknown is why the three, at least two of which are women based on the photos accompanying the original story, chose this method for attempting to enter the United States. It is also unknown whether they used their own money to pay for entry or were given the funds by someone else. Adding to the mystery is why they wanted to come here and whether the effort was voluntary. Also, how did they get to Mexico?

What the story does point out is that despite the Biden Administration’s best efforts to hinder, if not outright prevent, the Border Patrol from doing its job, the service is still actively protecting the United States from those seeking to enter illegally. It also highlights how illegal border crossing is as far from a victimless crime as it gets. Little effort is required to conclude the women’s intended fate was in the sex trade.

It is also possible the Chinese attempted to enter on behalf of their government, which doubtless hopes to repeat its Operation Fang Fang success. However, this seems unlikely, given the entry method.

At least two Republican Congressmen have filed articles of impeachment against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his utter failure to secure the border, then blatantly lying about the matter. One can only hope they succeed.

*Article from: Red State