No criminal charges for mob of leftist students who allegedly chased, physically assaulted conservatives after Allen West event

A mob of leftist student protesters who allegedly chased, punched, and kicked conservatives after an Allen West event at the University of Buffalo last year will not face any charges, according to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, the Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed.

In April 2022, the University of Buffalo’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter invited former Republican Florida representative and retired Lt. Col. Allen West to host a lecture on campus titled “America Is Not Racist – Why American Values Are Exceptional.”

Swarms of leftist protesters gathered to demonstrate against the conservative group’s lecture.

University police received reports from three YAF students who had organized the event that a “group of approximately 50 to 100 people” had harassed, chased, and even physically assaulted them.

Therese Purcell, one of the event organizers, reported that she feared for her life when an “angry mob” began to chase her following the lecture. Purcell stated that she removed her shoes because she “could not run fast enough with them on” and hid in a men’s restroom in one of the campus buildings.

A second student organizer reportedly fled past the restroom and “continued to run, eventually losing the group in a different building.”

Another student organizer reported that he was chased by the mob of students who then “kicked him in the testicles and punched him twice in the back,” but he was unable to identify the alleged assailant nor provide a deposition.

Since the incident, police conducted interviews and reviewed security footage and social media posts; however, authorities could not identify the responsible individuals.

A spokesperson for the Erie County District Attorney’s Office told the Spectrum, UB’s student newspaper, “Our office could not prove that a crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.”

UB spokesperson John Della Contrada told the Spectrum that no charges were filed because “there was no video or other means to identify the individuals who were allegedly responsible.”

“Although numerous individuals could be seen on security video following students through the campus after the event, the intent to harass or cause physical harm by any specific individual(s) could not be proven by the available evidence,” he added.

According to Della Contrada, the university implemented several changes, including requiring student organizers to develop an event security plan with the university police; the creation of “enhanced educational programming for students” to “create a better understanding of free speech protections;” and new venue space guidelines, ticketing processes, and attendance management.

* Article from: The Blaze