Yet Another Top Democrat Privately Met With Chinese Communist Party Influence Group Despite Warnings

Yet another high-profile Democrat figure is defying national security protocol by privately meeting with Chinese CCP-linked influence groups with no oversight, according to Washington Free Beacon.
Democrat Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass privately met with the president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Lin Songtian, while the foreign agent took a 10-day tour of the state of California. They reportedly had an “extensive, candid, and friendly” exchange while talking about the relationship between the U.S. and China.
The worst part? Just weeks earlier, U.S. government intelligence issued a warning that Chinese operatives are purposely targeting local officials to push their own political agendas. The intelligence report stated: “Beijing has adjusted by redoubling its efforts to build influence at the state and local level to shift U.S. policy in China’s favor because of Beijing’s belief that local officials are more pliable than their federal counterparts.” The meeting has met with intense criticism by experts in national security.
A fellow in Indo-Pacific Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council, Michael Sobolik, warned that: “Whether they know it or not, the Los Angeles officials who met with Lin’s delegation were the targets of a CCP influence campaign.”

Why This Matters
Sadly, while the media and political talking heads obsess over Chinese spying balloons, it ignores the giant risk of espionage and data breaches that are possible in local positions of government.
China’s government is trying to steal state secrets. New reports even suggest that they’re using cargo cranes as a tool to spy on America.
Yet despite all of these concerns, local Democrat officials like Karen Bass have no problem putting our country at risk by openly allowing these influence groups to walk into government buildings with open arms.
This news comes as the Biden family’s ties to China are under intense scrutiny.

* Article from: The Bongino Report