Homeowner shoots intruder dead, reportedly won’t face charges. Neighbor says homeowner ‘having a gun was a good thing.’

A homeowner in DeKalb County, Georgia, fatally shot an intruder early Thursday morning and reportedly won’t face charges.

What are the details?
DeKalb County police told WAGA-TV the owner of the home along Peachcrest Road caught the suspect trying to break in shortly before 5:30 a.m. and opened fire.

Police told WSB-TV the man was shot inside the house and has not been identified. Detectives added to WSB that the homeowner used a shotgun.

Neighbor Melan Sydnor, who lives across the street, told WAGA she was making breakfast when she heard the gunshots: “I was in the kitchen, and then there were gunshots, and it was really loud … and then about five minutes later the police pulled up.”

Medics rushed the man to a hospital, WAGA reported, but he did not survive his injuries.

Investigators have not said whether the suspect and homeowner knew each other or whether the intruder also had a weapon, WSB noted.

The homeowner went to the police station to be interviewed after the shooting and returned mid-morning, entering the home without speaking with reporters, WAGA said.

Police haven’t released the identities of anyone involved in the shooting, WAGA noted, and the homeowner will face no charges.

‘Having a gun was a good thing’
WSB said a group of women from the Salvation Army came to the home to pray over it Thursday night and offer assistance.

“I just think it’s a sad state of affairs for the country,” one neighbor told WSB. “In this case, somebody having a gun was a good thing.”

Joann Proctor lives in a neighboring community and has her own crime concerns, but told WAGA she was upset about the incident.

“That could be one of my neighbors or me,” she noted to the station, adding that “young guys are stalking the neighborhood at night, like 4, 5 in the morning, they checking doors.”

* Article From: The Blaze