Pentagon Refuses to Release Footage of Three UFOs Shot Down in February

Speaking to Fox News, a spokesperson from the Department of Defense said that the Pentagon currently has no plans to release video footage of U.S. fighter jets shooting down unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in February.
The spokesperson told Fox News that video footage of high-altitude objects being shot down does exist, but that it is expected to remain classified. The spokesperson also said that they had not received a timeline about any possible changes to that classification.
The footage could potentially show a Chinese spy balloon being shot down, but nobody can be certain. In early February, after one such balloon was shot down by the U.S. government over the coast of South Carolina, three additional unidentified flying objects were also shot down over Alaska and Canada. The Pentagon did not confirm, however, that the objects that were shot down afterward were also balloons.
Audio recordings from F-16 fighter jet pilots were released, however. In the clips, pilots can be heard describing the high-altitude object as small. The pilots also noted that the object had strings attached to it. The video, therefore, is likely to depict something from this earth – and not an extraterrestrial craft as some have suggested.
The Pentagon’s refusal to release the footage, however, could still indicate that there is something the government doesn’t want the populace to see yet.
Since the release of a highly anticipated report on UFOs by the U.S. government in 2021, there has been a renewed interest in the topic. The issue of UFOs, or unmanned aerial phenomena (UAP), has long been something that the federal government has rarely commented on. The release of the 2021 report – which was demanded by Congress – proved that military personnel have encountered UFOs on many occasions, and for decades.
In most cases, UFOs move at speeds existing technology does not allow humans to achieve. It is unknown whether the phenomena reflects the presence of advanced alien technology or even new technologies being tested by the United States or foreign adversaries.

* Article From: Bongino Report