Levin: Car Makers AM Radio Removal ‘Attack on Conservative Talk Shows’

Plans by auto manufacturer Ford, and others, to eliminate AM radios from new cars, are an “attack on conservative talk shows,” conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said on his radio show Friday.

“Let’s talk about radios for a minute. Ford is the latest manufacturer that says, the future production of cars will not include the AM platform… BMW has said it. Others have said it because it interferes with something or other. They finally figured out how to attack conservative talk radio,” MediaIte reported Levin saying during his show. “Let me be the first one to say it right at the manufacturer level, rather than going after us through the FCC, rather than going after us through legislation, rather than going after us through boycotting advertisers and all the rest — just don’t make AM stations available in automobiles anymore, because not all, but most conservative talk shows are on the AM band.”

Levin said removing the AM band in new car radios would prohibit drivers from tuning into shows like his to get information.

“This idea that all of a sudden, you’re going to remove the AM band from cars — that’s aimed at people like me to prevent people like you from just turning on your radio as you drive in your own local area or general area and listen to the station. That’s what that’s all about,” Levin said. “‘Oh, no, no, Mark. You can’t prove that.’ I don’t have to prove anything,” Levin said. “I’ve been around long enough. I figured things out. We’re way ahead of the curve here. That’s exactly what they’ve done. That’s exactly what they’re doing.”

Levin’s show airs on the Westwood One network which is owned by Cumulus Media and consists of 404 stations in 85 markets, reaching an estimated 250 million people nationwide, according to the company.

The company announced in February that it was launching an official podcast channel for Levin on YouTube.

“The Mark Levin YouTube channel provides fans with a new platform to access each day’s podcast with new insights and unique commentary on the day’s top news events and issues from one of America’s pre-eminent constitutional experts and conservative voices,” the company said in a press release announcing the channel.

In the release, Levin said he was excited about the channel’s launch.

“I am very excited about being on YouTube with my audio content,” he said in the release. “Having ‘The Mark Levin Show’ on another platform gives me a chance to connect with new listeners and bring fresh content to my long-time followers. I know there are a lot of different ways people find content, and this enables me to share my audio library in a creative way with a whole new audience.”

* Article From: NewsMax