Mayor Loses It At School Board After Discovering ‘Filth’

A video of Riverton, Utah, Mayor Trent Staggs seemingly telling off a local school board went viral Wednesday.

The almost five-minute clip shows Staggs speaking directly to the local school board about an issue related to alleged “pornographic” materials being found in schools. Staggs said the situation “has become pretty alarming” but is not getting the attention it needs from the board.

“I’ve heard from scores of residents about the concerns of inappropriate materials in schools. I received emails, phone calls, to a large extent I need to tell you they feel like they are not being heard,” Staggs told the school board, noting that the city council sent out an email in September 2022 related to this problem.


“At the end of the day, this filth needs to be removed from our schools. There’s over one hundred volumes that one parent organization [put] together. A hundred volumes still in Jordan School Districts that clearly violate the law,” he continued.

rials in schools, reminding the school board it is within their power to ensure that their policies protect children from this type of material across the district.

“We would never just ban someone from a school that’s dealing drugs or other harmful substances. We would lock him up. We would get them out of the district all together and that’s what we need to do,” Staggs stated.

Twitter users were quick to support Staggs in the comments on the video post. “That’s right mayor. Don’t relent!” one user commented.

In an exclusive statement shared to the Daily Caller, Staggs said, “No parents should have to worry when sending their children to school. No child should be made to feel uncomfortable with content that’s not even allowed on the evening news. As elected officials, we have a duty to protect our most vulnerable and make sure parents can rest easy knowing their children are receiving a good education free from indoctrination or harm.”

Staggs was elected to his second term in office in January, 2022, according to his official website. Prior to his political career, he worked for start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations.

* Article From: The Daily Caller