Alleged Texas killer captured following manhunt

Authorities on Tuesday apprehended an individual suspected of killing five people in Cleveland, Texas, following a Friday evening altercation.

Authorities arrested Francisco Oropesa without incident on Tuesday evening, NBC News reported, citing the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

His arrest marks an end to the manhunt that had baffled law enforcement for days. Authorities indicated earlier this week that they had “zero leads” as to his whereabouts.

As of Monday, it was believed that Oropesa had slipped past a network of roadblocks in the Cleveland area, despite extensive efforts by law enforcement to contain him within a set perimeter.

The manhunt ensued following Oropesa’s alleged killing of five of his neighbors after reportedly being asked to stop shooting his firearm. Authorities indicated that four adults were found dead at the scene while one child died at the hospital later.

* Article From: Just The News