Trans woman not guilty of indecent exposure as judge rules she is ‘too fat’ for genitals to be visible

XENIA, OHIO: Darren Glines, a transgender woman who now goes by Rachel, was found not guilty of three counts of indecent exposure after being accused of allegedly exposing her penis in a YMCA female changing room in Xenia, Ohio. Judge David McNamee cleared Glines off the charges after ruling that she was “too fat” for her genitals to be visible. The ruling came after Glines’ attorneys, Lauren and Keara Dever, argued that their client’s gut proportions obscure her genitalia and make it impossible for anyone to see her penis.

“There is no question that Glines was in the women’s locker room. However, Glines was not charged with trespass, nor was Glines charged with being in an area of the YMCA where Glines was not supposed to be,” the judge ruled. “Quiet simply, the facts do not exist to support a find of guilt, as charges. Glines’ genitalia was not visible as a result of other portions of her body covering the same,” he stated.

Who is Rachel Glines?
Glines is a 31-year-old transgender woman who was recently charged with indecent exposure after being accused of allegedly exposing her penis in a YMCA female locker room in Ohio. However, she was cleared of the charges after the judge ruled that Glines’ genitalia could not be visible as a result of other portions of her body covering the same. Glines, who now goes by Rachel, previously had the legal first name, Darren. Reports suggest that she is yet to have her gender reassignment surgery but identifies as a woman.

Several complaints had been filed against Glines since 2021, with at least three individuals complaining about seeing a “naked male in the female locker room,” according to the Daily Mail. One of the complaints stated that three juveniles were present at the scene during the incident before a woman went to the front desk to report the issue. However, the latter was reassured by a worker that Glines was “actually a woman” and that she “shouldn’t have been disturbed” about the incident.

Jacqueline Brockman said that Glines has been allowed to use the facilities at all YMCA locations in the Greater Dayton area. Meanwhile, Judge McNamee said that there was “little dispute as to the facts of the case” as the Executive Director of the YMCA authorized Glines to use the women’s locker room. A YMCA employee who testified at the trial accused Glines of assault and said she had to get a restraining order against the transwoman after the incident.

Kateisha Young accused Glines of grabbing her genitals when they went out to have coffee, according to Reduxx. Young claimed Glines started visiting her place of work after the attack, knowing when Young would be working. The woman said she is concerned that she will be forced to find some other work once her protection order against Glines runs out in 2024.

‘It’s Unfortunate’
In the wake of the ruling, Glines’ attorneys issued a statement about the charges against the former. “It’s unfortunate not only for her but for the entire community, that the filing of these charges ever occurred,” the lawyers stated. “We are grateful that the rule of law and the truth prevailed so that Ms Glines and the community can move on in peace,” they added.

Xenia City Council President Williams Urshcel said that one of the women who filed a complaint against Glines was allegedly informed by a YMCA employee that Glines identifies as a woman so she “shouldn’t be disturbed” by the incident. Urschel reportedly recounted the story at a Greene County Tea Party meeting and made attendees audibly laugh, the Daily Mail reported.

The rest of the city council released another statement saying that Urshel’s comments were “his own” and the charges filed against Glines were through the Xenia Police Division’s own investigation. “Neither the Xenia City Council nor any member of the Council had any part in the decision to file public indecency charges regarding the use of the YMCA’s locker rooms,” the statement read.

The YMCA of Greater Dayton also issued a statement after the ruling and said that they would continue to comply with the law while also ensuring the privacy and safety of all members. “Under no circumstance will we investigate an individual’s birth identity and then assign individuals to locker rooms,” the YMCA said. “That would be counter to the law, counter to respect for all people and it is not who or what we are as an organization,” they added.

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(*) This article is biased, in favor of this sodomite. It’s purpose here on is to show the insanity of our judicial system when hearing cases against these homosexuals. It may be true that this homosexuals ‘gut’ covered his penis, but what does that have to do with anything? It was still a male in the female locker room. On a side note, rapists can be fat too, but it doesn’t stop them.