14-year-old male accused of kicking 35-year-old man in head as accomplice calls victim ‘cracker’; teen hit with hate crime charge

A 14-year-old male was arrested and charged with hate crime assault Tuesday, the New York Post reported.

What are the details?…
Police told the Post that the teen and two other suspects came up to the 35-year-old victim around 7 p.m. on April 14 in the back of an apartment complex on Roosevelt Island, the Post said. Roosevelt Island is between Manhattan and Queens, and the attack took place in the 500 block of Main Street.

The 14-year-old male — who wasn’t identified due to his age — kicked the victim in the head as at least one of his accomplices in the attack yelled, “You’re not going to catch me, cracker!” police told the paper.

NYPD Crime Stoppers characterized the remarks as “anti-white.”

The trio then ran into the Roosevelt Avenue F train station, where surveillance video grabbed images of them, the Post said.

The other two suspects had not been caught as of Wednesday morning, the paper said.

The victim suffered some head pain but didn’t require a trip to the hospital, the Post reported.

Crime Stoppers said tipsters can call 800-577-TIPS or anonymously post a tip to http://crimestoppers.nypdonline.org — and that there’s a reward for up to $3,500.

How are folks reacting?…
Twitter commenters have been outraged over the incident:

(*) “Parents need to be more accountable and [issue] harsh repercussions when they are caught,” one commenter said. “These are minors.”
(*) “Punk ass thug,” another user reacted.
(*) “He will be let go, if he hasn’t [been] already,” another commenter predicted.
(*) “Only in Joe Biden’s Far-Left Democrat America,” another user wrote.
(*) “Teenagers running rampant these days,” another commenter observed. “Why do people have kids that they can’t even take care of?!”
(*) “Racist creeps,” another user declared.

* Article From: The Blaze