Cocaine Dealer Let Out of Prison Early by President Barack Obama Likely to Head Back After Allegedly Shooting a Woman in Chicago

54-year-old Alton Mills was initially sent to prison in 1993 on federal conspiracy charges as part of a crack cocaine ring. He also had two previous convictions of less than five grams of crack cocaine which led to prosecutors filing a sentence enhancement. The judge ended up sentencing Mills to life in prison without parole.

The former President cut his sentence short in 2015 after the convicted felon served 22 years behind bars. Still, eight years later, Mills faces another potential life sentence after an expressway shooting early on Sunday morning.

A victim, who has yet to be identified, was shot in the suburbs of Chicago and is not expected to survive.

The shooting occurred early Sunday morning, shortly after three friends left a nightclub south of the city. The group pulled up behind Mills’ SUV at a red light near the I-57 on-ramp in Posen, Illinois, but Mills reportedly didn’t move once the light had turned green.

According to Assistant State’s Attorney Kathryn Morrissey, the driver drove past the 54-year-old without even honking his horn. Mills suddenly sped up to catch up with the group’s ride and fired three shots from the driver’s side window.

One of the bullets shot struck a woman who was asleep in the backseat of the car, leading to a critical head injury that doctors believe she is unlikely to recover from.

The vehicle’s front passenger told police that the shooter was an older black man with a “salt and pepper” beard, and they managed to capture a blurry photograph of the shooter’s license plate.

The plate number led authorities to Mills’ home in Evergreen Park, where police found several loose 40-caliber bullets in his bedroom. The bullets matched the ones used in the shooting, and the car in question also tested positive for gunshot residue.

According to the Daily Mail, Mills admitted to being the shooter and the one responsible for causing “great bodily harm and imminent death” to the victim.

He now faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder and is being held without bond at Cook County Jail.

* Article From: Radar Online