MADNESS: Hunter Biden gets ZERO jail time for crimes that would land anyone else behind bars

Hunter Biden is in trouble — but not that much trouble apparently. Another case of nepotism will likely spare him from having to face any severe consequences.

“I don’t know a single lawful person that has a gun that is legal,” Beck says, “who doesn’t sweat going into another state, making sure beforehand [they are] legal.”

Except Hunter Biden.

The president’s son doesn’t have to sweat because his tax evasion and gun possession charges will likely be written off as misdemeanors, resulting in no jail time.

While President Biden was busy “making sure we don’t have guns,” Beck says, “his son lied on a document, signed his name to the document, saying, ‘No I’m not a drug user.'” Now the fact that Hunter will likely receive minor consequences for a gun violation that would land most people behind bars has nothing to do with the president — or his connections, or his power, or the obvious nepotism at play. Couldn’t be.

The irony is glaring.

Biden “is all over wanting stricter restrictions on guns,” but when “his son violates a pretty basic one that is clearly marked out on paper where your signature is a felony — a felony to knowingly provide false information — he gets a misdemeanor,” Beck criticizes.

Hunter Biden has “committed crime after crime after crime … and yet none of this is going to affect him at all,” Burguiere agrees.

“Madness,” Beck calls it, but he “[doesn’t] think the Hunter Biden story is done by any stretch of the imagination.”

* Article From: The Blaze