Group Of Communists Burn American Flag In Philadelphia On July 4th

In a completely unnecessary display of disrespect towards the United States, a group calling themselves the ‘Revolutionary Communist Party’ burned our nation’s flag in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on July 4th.

The flag represents men and women who have died to make the American people free. The flag represents the American people united as one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. July 4th reminds us of the day in 1776 when independence was declared from tyranny, and the fight for liberty began.

Communism, is an enemy of free people. Communism, as seen in countries like North Korea, is a small group of powerful people who control the rest of us at the point of a gun. Trending Politics reported that the misguided group attempted to interrupt an Independence Day celebration in Philadelphia, the city where our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.

They taunted the event saying things like: “come join a real revolution!” They used airhorns and other methods to disrupt the patriotic event. The group amounted to six individuals who eventually burned our flag in protest.

While burning the flag is not illegal, it is disrespectful, and the group was detained for a short time for endangering others as their futile display caught a nearby bag on fire.

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