Wiping out womanhood, one LGBTQ step at a time


A male pretending to be a female just won the crown in the “Miss Netherlands” beauty contest and now heads to El Salvador to compete for the title of “Miss Universe.”

This is beyond absurd. It’s dangerous.

Soon enough, women won’t even be a thing.

While announcing the win of Rikkie Kolle, 22, the “Miss Netherland” judges said, “She has a rock solid story with a clear mission … [we are] convinced that the organization will be happy to work with this young woman.”

Except Kolle isn’t a woman.

He isn’t a she.

The theater of dunces continues.

“New health professionals are urged to call vaginas ‘bonus holes’ to avoid offending trans or non-binary patients,” the Daily Mail just wrote in a headline.

It’s not a joke.

The advice comes by way of the charity group, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. On a webpage aimed at informing health professionals who are treating patients with cervical cancer, and under the heading of “Language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people,” the trust recommends that either “bonus hole” or “front hole” as suitable replacements for the word “vagina.”

Misogynist much?

Women are fighting that, at least.

“You would think that charities focused on cervical cancer would have better things to do than erase female language,” said Kellie-Jay Keen, founder of Standing for Women, in the Daily Mail.

True. You would also think that charities dedicated to fighting cervical cancer would focus on those who actually have cervixes.

But logic and common sense — that’s a lot to expect these LGBTQ crazy days.

Schools around America are rapidly brainwashing the youth to accept that boys can self-identify as girls and voila, they’re girls, and therefore, it’s intolerant to deny them entry to female dressing rooms and bathrooms. Health professionals are rapidly losing their minds and expecting, no, demanding that the rest of the world follow their paths of lunacy.

“Can men breastfeed?” The Endeavor College of Natural Health asked in 2021.

“Inducing Lactation: Men can breastfeed too!” Colorado Surrogacy wrote in 2019.

What an exciting time to be an insane person. The mentally deranged are being given all kinds of platforms and awards that would normally be out of reach because, well, they’d be behind locked doors, under medical watch, sucking down their daily meds. Viva la Cuckoo’s Nest! How proud Lia Thomas’s parents must be that their son has won so many accolades by stealing the glory of female athletes. It sure beats expensive psychiatry.

“Working for LGBTQIA+ Equality is one of NOW’s Core Issues, and for good reason,” wrote the National Organization for Women — the group that stood silent as Bill Clinton molested woman after woman; the group that stands silent as Joe Biden gropes and smells little girl after little girl.

What’s NOW’s “good reason?”

Only this: The leftists who make up this group are as wicked as those in the LGBTQ community — as evil as those in the Democratic Party — as immoral as the godless of modern culture and politics who are all working busily to destroy the pillar of American society: the family.

Or, more to point, the traditional, morally compassed, God-fearing nuclear family.

Destroy the family — destroy the very foundation of this country. And that creates the kind of chaos that leftists love because it gives them the opportunity to ride in and play the savior. There’s a reason womanhood is under attack right now; just as there’s a reason the so-called feminists and females who supposedly fight for women’s rights are part of this attack against their very own interests — and it’s a reason that goes like this: God is giving America over to the sin that Americans have allowed to dominate the culture and politics for years. He’s letting us deal with the consequences of our choices — our normalizing of sexual depravity; our embracing of all-things-immoral; our flip of evil for good.

God won’t be mocked.

He may in fact be mocking us.

How else to describe a time when something so basic as male and female has fallen to utter disarray?

Womanhood is steadily being wiped out — with the help of the women’s rights’ groups, no less, the same women’s rights’ groups that fight for abortion on demand, birth control for minor-age girls and sexual freedom that says “anything goes.” Oh, the irony.

The dangerous, despicable irony.

It won’t be long before the word “woman” is wiped from the dictionaries — before calling a woman a woman is deemed offensive — before any and all references to sex and gender are taboo. This is a strategic design of leftists to destroy society and seize power by exploiting the vulnerable.

Only truth will set us free.

* Article From: The Washington Times