Kim Jong-un: Find out what the North Korean leader is getting up to in his private Pyongyang forest

Kim Jong-un, who recently expressed his appreciation for ‘close ally’ Vladimir Putin by decorating his residence with giant portraits of the Russian leader, is working on a mysterious new project.

According to NK Pro’s analysis of satellite imagery, the building work is going on in his private forest, opposite his Pyongyang office building.

What’s next, and why does Kim Jong-un needanewbuilding?

Kim Jong-un is no stranger to gifting himself and his trusted officials a bit of an upgrade: this is at least the eighth big construction project that he has commissioned in his compound within the last five years. There have already been mansions, offices, reinforced security gates, and a new underground facility near the back door of Kim Jong-un’s main office building.

In 2022, Kim Jong-un constructed eight new mansions, reportedly so that assassins wouldn’t know where to find him. This tactic dates back to Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who famously slept in a different palace every night for this same reason. So, could this be another decoy mansion?

Here’s what we know about the construction so far…
The satellite images show that the existing building in the Workers’ Party of Korea complex was demolished between July 10 and 19 and new foundations, larger than the original site, appeared by July 27. According to South Korea media outlets, the demolished building, or a smaller building next door, may have been Kim Jong-un’s late mother’s home and later his own personal office before he took over as leader of North Korea. For a closer look at the satellite images, which include a ‘before and after’, head over to NK News.

The new construction is located just inside the northern security gate. In the past, a round building located just outside of this gate has been rumoured to be a metro entrance to a private underground transport system used by the Kim family.

We may never know the real reason for this construction, but X users are enjoying playing the guessing game: a casino, a unicorn’s lair, a private spa and gym…

* Article From: Oh My Magazine