How Bidenomics is creating ‘the MOST DANGEROUS point the republic has ever been in’

Crime is on the rise in Democrat-run cities, and it’s getting harder for the left to pretend that’s not the case.

In a viral TikTok video, a woman frantically tells her audience that a man on the street spit in her face and threatened to rape her. The woman lives in San Francisco, where she says she never feels safe.

Apparently, this happened in the middle of the day.

Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere are convinced this is the handiwork of the Democrat Party and its policies.

“They want to take away your ability to defend yourself while creating environments like this poor woman is talking about,” Stu says, adding, “This is a direct result of the policies of the left and everybody knows it.”

Glenn agrees, noting that taking away gun rights isn’t the only thing the left is doing.

“They’re trapping you in your house, they are devaluing your money so you don’t have the freedom that money could help get you out of that system,” he continues. “They’ve trapped your kids into schools that are nothing but indoctrination camps. Look at what is happening.”

“They’re dismantling absolutely every safety and every freedom that you have,” he adds.

Glenn believes that when the people are made to be helpless like this, they’ll then beg for a savior. In this case, it will be the government.


“We are at the inflection point and the most dangerous point the republic has ever been in, because both sides are going to be convinced ‘I can’t stop the other side without an all-powerful government.’ And then you lose your country forever,” Glenn warns.

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