Las Vegas cop shot at home in alleged robbery gone wrong, family claims officer was targeted

A Las Vegas police officer was wounded in a shooting at home in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department said it is investigating a shooting that happened Friday afternoon near Lone Mountain Road and the 215, according to 8 News Now. The officer, who has not been publicly identified, is recovering in the hospital after the incident.


Residents in the Northwest Valley neighborhood where the officer lives are concerned about their safety after the shooting.

“One of the things I would like to see put up are some of the security cameras, and things like that, around the neighborhood, so we can keep an eye on it,” said Chris Ideker, who lives near the officer’s home.

Several neighbors said they witnessed a chaotic crime scene in which marked and unmarked police vehicles were at the property. Neighbors said detectives told them they are investigating whether the suspects climbed over a wall to reach the officer’s home, which is inside a gated community.

The neighbors said they are worried that an officer could be shot in broad daylight inside their home.

“I happened to see the officer sitting over there on the planter by his house, and I could see there was a little bit of blood on the side. I knew he’d been wounded,” Ideker said.

The officer’s injuries required surgery, which took place on Saturday.

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