Hunter Biden ‘Embarrassed’ by the ‘Offensive’ Content on Stolen Laptop — But He Still Won’t Admit the Computer Is His

Transcripts from Hunter Biden’s June deposition were just made public.

As OK! reported, John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a now-defunct computer repair shop, sued the first son for defamation, and Biden has countersued, claiming he illegally distributed his private information.

In court, Biden refused to acknowledge that he visited Mac Issac’s repair shop more than once in 2019, despite the owner possessing documents with his signature on it and more.

Joe Biden has been by his son’s side throughout his legal troubles and struggle with drug addiction.

Biden admitted he was “embarrassed” his personal photos — which included nudity — were leaked, noting the material is “highly offensive to a reasonable person.”

However, he never once admitted that the computer belonged to him, as he always “doesn’t recall or denies it altogether.”


“After obtaining the rights to the laptop pursuant to the contract signed by Biden, Mac Isaac grew uneasy with the seemingly illegal activities cataloged in the laptop,” a report read. “As he was taught to do at the Apple Store and in accordance with his own convictions, he made contact with the FBI. Soon thereafter, on December 9, 2019, Mac Isaac gave the laptop, the original hard drive, and the original work order to the FBI.”

Biden is currently under investigation regarding his international business deals.

Meanwhile Biden’s side said he “had more than a reasonable expectation of privacy that any data that he created or maintained would not be accessed, copied, disseminated, or posted on the Internet for others to use against him or his family or for the public to view.”

“Contrary to Mac Isaac’s Repair Authorization form, Delaware law provides that tangible personal property is deemed abandoned only after the property’s rightful owner fails to assert or declare property rights to the property for a period of 1 year,” the paperwork continued.

New York Post reported on the deposition.