Charlie Kirk calls trans people a “throbbing middle finger to God”

Right-wing radio host Charlie Kirk recently went on a vicious anti-transgender rant in which he called trans people “an abomination” and said transgender identities are “against our senses” and “against the natural law.”


Kirk then proceeded to smirk as he read a Bible verse banning women from wearing men’s garments and calling those who break the rule “an abomination to the Lord your God.” Some anti-LGBTQ people use this verse to justify transphobia while ignoring other Biblical abominations, including working on Saturdays and charging interest on loans.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Kirk then uses this moment in his speech to call out and misgender trans swimmer Lia Thomas. “You hear that?” he asked her, stating her deadname. “You’re an abomination to God.”

Kirk founded the right-wing student organizations Turning Point USA and Students for Trump. He has cheered the Big Lie and promoted several of former President Donald Trump’s worst conspiracy theories. He agrees with Trump’s blatant racism and helped to stoke the Capitol insurrection by Trump’s MAGA followers.


Kirk expressed fears that somehow the transgender movement is leading to a world where we plug into a machine all day and are controlled by companies.

“Like Ready Player One meets Inception,” he said, citing two dystopian science-fiction films in which real-world humans explore artificial worlds through technology.

In 2021, Kirk railed against a drag show at an American high school, saying trans people are somehow making America vulnerable to foreign enemies.


(*) This article ios heavily biased in favor of homosexualality, but it’s purpose on AltrightTV is to show that homosexuals know Charlie Kirk is correct. If he wasn’t, it would not have set off the homosexuals.