Jason Aldean concert draws flag-burning protest and Second Amendment group’s support

Anarchists eager to rub country singer Jason Aldean’s small-town lyrics in his face by burning American flags outside a Chicago-area concert this week have helped boost his support in the Second Amendment community.

Less than a week after a group that aligns with communists torched flags outside his Tinley Park concert, the Illinois State Rifle Association told Secrets on Thursday that it offered Aldean a complimentary lifetime membership.


“That’s the lawful right to protect yourself, your family, and your community from danger. It’s not about promoting violence — it’s about preventing violence and allowing law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and others from those who wish to do harm,” said the group, which is affiliated with the National Rifle Association.

On Saturday, a protest led by Revolution Club Chicago burned flags and chanted un-American smears.

One protester, according to the Chicago Tribune, challenged the lyrics of “Try That In A Small Town” by burning the flag.


The Illinois State Rifle Association has been flexing its muscle in a state where gun rights are under attack, especially by gun control advocate Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL). He recently signed legislation allowing gun victims to sue gun makers, a law likely headed to the Supreme Court.

Pritzker has been warring with legal gun owners and Second Amendment groups even as illegal guns are flooding Chicago, which is vying for the nation’s murder title.