Media Silence on Retired Police Chief’s Brutal Killing from Vegas Thugs Sparks Outrage

In a horrifying and purposeful attack that appears to have been brushed under the rug by mainstream media, retired police chief Andreas Probst was targeted and killed in a deliberate hit-and-run that unfolded on the streets of Las Vegas. On August 14, while enjoying a bicycle ride, the 64-year-old veteran was targeted and killed, struck violently from behind by a 17-year-old teenage thug who was behind the wheel.

Teenage Thugs Lve-Sream Horrific Hit-and Run of Retired Police Chief
The question resonating in the minds of many is why this savage act of violence is not dominating the headlines of local and national media outlets. Could it be that the narrative of this tragic event doesn’t fit the conventional narratives of the “evil white police officer” frequently spotlighted in the press? Is it inconvenient for them to mention the fact that these thugs hunted down a human being because they though killing someone would be funny?

Anger is simmering among those who feel the incident is receiving inadequate coverage, feeling as though the media is going out of its way to conceal the hateful motivations behind the killing.


The video stream confirms its of the same location where Probst was killed, on North Tenaya Way, near West Centennial Parkway.

The incident reached a horrific conclusion when they live-streamed their act of cruelty. As his daughter Taylor received a distressing notification from her father’s Apple watch, signaling a fall, and made her way to the scene, which was just three miles away from their residence. The terrifying sight that met her was one that would haunt her forever — Andreas lay there in critical condition, his life hanging by a thread.

Despite being rushed to the University Medical Center, Andreas Probst could not hold on any longer. He succumbed to his injuries, leaving behind a legacy of service, dedication, and the unspeakable agony of a family robbed in the most senseless and violent manner.


BUT WHERE IS THE MEDIA, and why are they covering this as just another hit and run?

The anger directed at the media is palpable, with many accusing them of willful negligence, or selectively choosing narratives that suit their agenda.


Where is our Sheriff? why is this not beingt talked about?
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have refused to release the name of the 17-year old driver, and are refusing to tell the public if charges against the passenger who filmed the purposeful killing, while encouraging the driver to it, have been filed!

Where is the outrage from our so-called political leaders? Where is the Governor, Where is the Clark County Commission, Where is our WOKE Sheriff telling these criminals that Las Vegas will no longer allow this behavior?

Unfortunately, as our city is dying around us, our WOKE Sheriff Kevin McMahill makes excuses for violent thugs, telling local reporters “They have no job. They have no opportunity. They have no really home life, oftentimes and so we have to continue our effort there and try to make a difference.” A month earlier the same sheriff praised the criminal George Floyd and told his officers not to use mean language to describe troubled neighborhoods.


Media Silence on Retired Police Chief’s Brutal Killing from Vegas Thugs Sparks Outrage