Second Las Vegas juvenile suspect arrested in intentional hit-and-run death of retired police chief: police

A second juvenile suspect has been arrested in the Las Vegas hit-and-run death of a former police officer who was intentionally mowed down while riding a bicycle, police said Tuesday.

Both teenage suspects will be charged with murder in the Aug. 14 death of Andreas Probst, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said during a news conference. Their names and ages have not been released.

Probst, 64, was on his morning bike ride when a teenager struck him at about 6:04 a.m. on North Tenaya Way near West Centennial Parkway. One suspect was arrested soon after the incident.


In the video of the hit-and-run, the driver asks, “Ready?” as the giggling passenger records the collision on his iPhone.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, hit his a–,” he tells the driver, who then veers the Hyundai Elantra into the bike lane behind Probst, who is wearing a red shirt and shorts as he pedals.

The passenger turns, points his iPhone out the window and records Probst roll to a stop on the side of the road.

“Damn, that n—- got knocked out!” the passenger says in the 31-second clip.

“Oh, sh–, we need to get out of here,” the panicked driver replies as he steps on the gas.


Las Vegas Metro Homicide Lt. Jason Johansson said tattoos, clothing and other videos helped investigators confirm the identity of the second suspect.

Clark County District Attorney said Steven Wolfson, an avid bicyclist himself, said he plans to transfer the cases to adult court.

“I am confident that is what is going to happen in this case,” Wolfson said. “Justice will be served in this case … I am taking a personal interest in this case. I do get involved in important cases and this is one of them.”

Probst’s daughter, Taylor, said the family was devastated by the “senseless murder” of her father.


She attributed the violence against her father to social media and “decayed family values,” adding that she didn’t racism or his former profession played a part in his death.

Probast retired from law enforcement in 2009 and served as the police chief of the Los Angeles suburb of Bell. After his retirement, he moved to the Las Vegas area where he worked in global security.