‘Lululemon for white-power bros’: Clothing line targets fascists seeking ‘streetfighter fitness’ for race war

She explained that among the things she came to realize is that after being told to say “I don’t recall” or “I don’t know,” her testimony was filled with such statements – though she says she remembered clearly.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Jansing on Sunday, legal analyst Catherine Christian explained that many of the things that Hutchinson said could ultimately be the target of Trump’s legal team.


“…So on one hand, Catherine, you could say, oh, she had a lawyer that was telling her to do something that she should not have done. On the other, couldn’t Trump’s lawyers, couldn’t the defense team, lean into that and say, look she’s not a credible witness, if she was willing to say something before and change her story? Who’s to say the story now is true?”

Christian, who previously served 30 years in public service for the Manhattan district attorney’s office, explained that it will likely be the argument but she’s not certain it will work.

“Her response would be that was because the lawyer who was provided to me by the Trump campaign was encouraging me to do that,” said Christian. “My conscience got the better of me, and I said you know what, I have to tell the truth. I’m not going to follow that advice. I’m going to tell the truth now.”


“I also will say the prosecutors are very upset anytime a witness they have is on TV and talking about the case, but it is what it is,” said Christian. “And as long as she’s not inconsistent with what she’s told them, it’s fine. You know, the defense is going to say she’s doing this to sell a book. That’s fine, as long as she is truthful and the jury believes she’s credible.”



(*) This article is heavily biased from a White hating newsource. It’s purpose here on AltrightTV.com is to show that we’re not alone in our way of thinking.