Nearly Half Of Homeschool Parents Cite ‘Liberal’ Public Schools As Motivating Factor: POLL

Almost half of parents turning to homeschooling today say they are concerned about their children being “influenced by liberal viewpoints,” according to a Washington Post and George Mason University poll released Tuesday.

The number of American families that are homeschooling saw a significant spike following the COVID-19 pandemic, with one study finding that the number had risen by 30% during the 2021-2022 school year, according to the Urban Institute. A new poll found that, when asked why they decided to homeschool, 46% of families replied that they were worried that “local public schools” are “too influenced by liberal viewpoints,” according to the Post.


Leslie Cortez, a Mexican and US citizen, helps her son Andree attend a homeschool class while feeding her daughter Pia Renee, at their house in Tijuana, Baja California state, in Mexico on October 6, 2020.Photo by: Photo by Guillermo Arias / AFP

Traditionally, faith has been the primary motivation for homeschooling, but the poll found that religious reasons for taking children out of public schools had dropped by 30% since 2012, according to the Post. However, 68% of parents cite a desire to provide “moral instruction” as one of the reasons to opt out of public schooling and nearly half of those parents said that they based this on their “religious values.”

Other top reasons for pulling kids out were concerns about school environments at 74% and discontent regarding public school academic instruction at 64%, according to the poll. Fears about school shootings and bullying also ranked high at 62% and 58% respectively.


The poll was conducted from Aug. 1-10 with a national sample of 1,027 families with children between the ages of 5-20. The margin of error was determined to be 1.8%.