Nearly half of people who celebrate Christmas plan to cut spending this year

Almost half of people who celebrate Christmas are planning to cut their spending on festivities this year, a survey has found

Nearly half of the folks who celebrate Christmas, that’s 45%, are planning to trim their festive spending this year, according to a survey.


Tight budgets might even put some festive gatherings at risk, with a quarter (26%) of people planning to skip hosting friends or family entirely in order to save costs.

Commenting on the findings, Adam Bullock, UK Director at TopCashback, said this: “Christmas should be a joyous time of year to celebrate with friends and family. But it’s upsetting to see how many people are worrying about the cost right now and are planning to miss out on precious family time as a result.”

“There are simple changes that can be made to help keep costs down – whether that’s swapping turkey for roast chicken or setting a small budget for gifts.”

“It pays to start thinking about Christmas savings earlier too, so whether you’re looking for discount codes, making use of cashback or using brand loyalty schemes; all these things soon add up and mean you can get more out of your celebrations this year.”

This research was conducted in September by Mortar London, surveying over 2,000 UK Christmas celebrators.

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