Cars block FedEx truck while dozens pillage packages, leave boxes scattered everywhere


A FedEx tractor-trailer was blocked by several cars on a Memphis, Tennessee intersection before dozens of people pillaged the back of the truck for packages, leaving boxes discarded all over the road during the brazen weekend theft.

Video from the scene shows multiple people running through parked cars in the road towards the FedEx truck as the driver attempts to escape the ravagers who are carrying their loot.

Multiple men allegedly used an unknown tool to open up the safety latch on the truck’s sealed back doors and took numerous packages the driver said, according to multiple local reports.


The large-scale theft happened at Mallory and Riverport in the South Memphis neighborhood of the city.

One resident says she is fed up over the crime taking place in the area of Saturday’s theft.

“My thing is somebody’s gonna end up getting killed,” Vivica Shumpert told WHBQ. “And the citizens that are paying taxes we should have some more security, better security for the people who are paying property taxes and who want to live safely and quietly.”

Three men were detained after they were caught in an apartment complex several hours after the theft.

Memphis police received a call from a security team at the apartment complex after they found the three men sitting in a white Chevrolet that smelled like marijuana.

After checking the car, the security detail reported to the cops the men admitted to taking the items from the truck.

The men told the arriving officers the stolen items were left in the street where they picked them up.


FedEx responded to the theft, saying the safety of their employees and customers packages are top priorities.

“The safety of our team members and the security of our customers’ shipments are top priorities, and we are grateful there were no serious injuries as a result of this incident,” the statement read. “We are cooperating fully with investigating authorities and taking appropriate steps to address this matter.”

Last week a Maryland UPS driver had her truck stolen during a broad daylight armed carjacking as she was delivering packages.

Police responded to the scene in Prince George County after receiving a frantic 911 call from the driver around 2 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 9.

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