Video exposes trans ‘indoctrination’ in primary school: Teacher tells 10-year-olds about how an unhappy boy teddy became a happy girl teddy in a lesson from controversial ‘inclusion’ charity

Schoolchildren are being ‘indoctrinated’ into thinking miserable boys who may be questioning their gender may be happier if they transition to become girls, a promotional video of a primary school inclusion lesson reveals.

Teachers at hundreds of primary schools across the UK are sharing ‘nonsense’ from lesson plans created by controversial inclusion group No Outsiders.

The group, run by teacher Andrew Moffat, sells £20 teaching guides for babies and children aged ‘from birth to 11 years old’ that ‘present gender ideology as fact’.

Earlier this year, MailOnline revealed the shocking lesson plans that showed kids are being taught about anal sex and orgasms before they have reached puberty and encouraging them to be ‘private’ if they wished to masturbate.



A recording has emerged (pictured) of a teacher at Prae Wood Primary School, St Albans, reading ten-year-olds a book as part of a No Outsiders lesson that suggests a sad boy called Thomas becomes happy when he turns into a girl called Tilly
Teachers at hundreds of primary schools across the UK are peddling ‘nonsense’ from lesson plans created by controversial inclusion group No Outsiders
The group is run by teacher Andrew Moffat (pictured) and sells £20 teaching guides for babies and children aged ‘from birth to 11 years old’ that ‘present gender ideology as fact’
Introducing Teddy (pictured) is a children’s book about a male teddy bear called Thomas who feels he was born in the wrong body.

The teacher reads the children a section from the book called Introducing Teddy – a conversation between a male teddy bear called Thomas, who feels he was born in the wrong body, and his best friend Errol.

The story said: ‘Thomas the teddy took a deep breath. ”I need to be myself, Errol. In my heart, I’ve always known that I’m a girl teddy, not a boy teddy. I wish my name was Tilly, not Thomas.”

”’Is that why you’ve been so sad?” Errol asked.’

The book is one of many used as part of No Outsiders’ inclusive teaching guide.


‘Children must be encouraged, and indeed taught, to explore identity and develop confidence in who they are as they navigate childhood and adolescence.’

He added: ‘I have had moments of doubt around the No Outsiders ethos: is it the right thing to carry on in the face of such opposition? But after months of reflection and dialogue with teachers I have reached the conclusion that there is no better time for a No Outsiders ethos.’

He also said: ‘I will teach children to explore and celebrate their own identities (not the plural – our intersectionality allows us to hold more than one identity).’

A mother-of-one who spoke to MailOnline said her daughter was 11 when her Year 6 teacher at Hillcrest Primary School, Bristol, read the book to the class.

She accused teachers of blurring the line between sex and gender.

She said: ‘My daughter told me when she had a No Outsiders day with guest visitors and a lesson where they read the Teddy book.

The story said: ‘Thomas the teddy took a deep breath. ”I need to be myself, Errol. In my heart, I’ve always known that I’m a girl teddy, not a boy teddy. I wish my name was Tilly, not Thomas”’
The book claims it is a ‘heartwarming story about friendship and acceptance, starring a very brave teddy’
Footage from the video shows children in primary school flicking through the controversial book

The mother said her daughter’s teacher was a six-foot man with a beard who identified as a woman.


‘There are some activist teachers who believe in queering the curriculum and subverting meaning. They are driving this.’

‘There are some well-meaning teachers who have been told this is the diverse thing to do. If they say anything about it that could end their teaching career.

‘It makes me feel very distrusting of teachers in schools. It’s made me feel very suspicious of them.

Mother-of-one Anna (pictured) was shocked to see a No Outsiders plaque outside a school she visited when looking for one for her daughter

‘When this fashion fades, the victims will be [people] who struggled with the world.

‘It’s a tragic situation.’

Anna, another mother-of-one, is looking for a school for her daughter.

When she visited a Church of England school, she was shocked to see a No Outsiders plaque outside.

She said: ‘I approached a teacher and said what a lovely school this is, but No Outsiders is a red flag as it’s fully on board with gender ideology.’

The teacher told her that all schools are ‘going that way’ and it would not stop teaching the No Outsiders programme.

Anna said they added: ‘Maybe this school isn’t for you.’

The teacher told her that the children’s toilets were single sex but that boys identifying as female could use the girl’s toilets.

Anna said: ‘By their logic boys are free to enter girl’s spaces (and vice versa) on the basis of self declaration.

‘This is a violation of girl’s boundaries, and teaching them to not have boundaries.

‘I enquired as to what my daughter would be subjected to if she correctly identified a person as their sex they are, apparently this is an ”open” discussion and should be ”met in the middle ground.”


‘The policies on a school’s website mean nothing. Especially when they allow No Outsiders into the school.’

The Family Education Trust’s Lucy Marsh told MailOnline: ‘Teaching children that they can change sex depending on how they feel on the inside is harmful indoctrination.

‘It is a dangerous safeguarding fail to tell children not to believe their eyes and to compel them to use ”preferred pronouns” for their peers and adults.

‘This teaching also forces girls to accept boys into their toilets and changing rooms, which is in no way acceptable.

‘The No Outsiders programme promotes gender ideology as fact and encourages children to believe they could be born in the wrong body, which could lead them on a pathway to social transition and potentially irreversible damage from hormone treatments.

‘Children in primary schools do not need teaching about transgender lifestyles, this ideology has no place in schools and must be banned.

‘How many children will be harmed by this kind of inappropriate content in schools before the Government will take action?

‘There was little point in the Cass Review pointing out safeguarding failures within GIDS if schools are allowed to keep brainwashing children with gender nonsense.’

The Cass review was commissioned to investigate scandal-ridden children’s clinic at the Tavistock – the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).


Dr Cass concluded the centre was overwhelmed by the vast of number of referrals.

Former patients of the clinic accused it of rushing children onto puberty-blocking drugs without challenging them about their feelings – a reference to the affirmation-only techniques preferred by many at the Tavistock.

Former Tavistock Trust doctor-turned-whistleblower Dr Az Hakeem told MailOnline: ‘Affirmation is never questioning, only everyone saying ”yes you’re right, you are [in the wrong body]”, which is unhelpful.’

The Tavistock’s children’s clinic treated at least 9,000 kids for gender dysphoria before it was shut down.

A Government spokesman said: ‘Reports like these are exactly why we are reviewing the Relationships, Sex and Health education curriculum in schools.

‘We’ve been clear about the importance of biological sex and that contested views, like those around gender identity, should not be taught as fact.

‘This government’s approach is to empower parents – so parents should see RHSE materials, have confidence materials being taught are age-appropriate and be completely involved on any decisions relating to their child.’

No Outsiders, Andrew Moffatt, Prae Wood Primary School, Hillcrest Primary School and Bloomsbury did not respond to requests for comment.