Creepy Joe strikes again! Biden slammed for telling girl, 6, ‘I love your EARS’ at Thanksgiving event

Creepy Joe was back on show at a Thanksgiving event on Sunday night.

Video footage of an event being held at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia, saw the 80-year-old, who turns 81 tomorrow, go up to a little girl sitting in the audience to say, ‘I love your ears!’

Biden was speaking to service members and their families during a ‘Friendsgiving’ event ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday being held at the naval base.

‘I love your ears!’, Biden said reaching down to a girl who was wearing a headband with leopard ears, almost touching them.

‘I love ’em. They’re really cool! What’s your name?’ the president asked.

‘Catherine’, the little girl responded.

‘What a beautiful name,’ Biden said. ‘That’s my mommy’s name. How old are you? 17?’ he joked.

‘Six!’ the youngster replied shyly.

The reaction on social media found Biden’s reaction ‘disturbing’, ‘creepy’ and ‘cringe’.


He joked to the many youngsters in the crowd: ‘I like kids more than adults’ and added ‘I wish I could stay and watch Wonka with you.’

The Bidens helped serve dinner with service members from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Gerald R. Ford at Norfolk Naval Station, the largest installation of its kind in the world, along with their families.

‘You literally are the backbone, the spine, the spine of this nation,’ the president said. ‘Only 1 percent of you, that’s all, that protects the 99 percent of us.’

As the event was wrapping up, attendees presented Biden with a birthday cake.

There have been a number of example of ‘creepy’ behavior by Biden over the years.

In July a little girl looked mortified as Biden pretended to gobble her up and sniff her during a bizarre exchange while in Finland.

Last October he appeared to grab a young girl by her shoulder telling her ‘no serious guys till you’re 30’ while posing for a photograph with the teen and her friends at Irvine Valley College in Irvine, California.

The president was visiting the community college to meet with older adults and tout his administration’s efforts to reduce inflation and drive down costs.

But as the visit came to and end, he stood to pose with some of those who had gathered to hear his remarks.

‘Now, a very important thing I told me daughters and granddaughters – no serious guys until you’re 30!’ he told a bemused teen.

Biden stood to take a photograph with the girl. As he did so, he appeared to sniff the girl’s hair before imparting the ‘fatherly’ relationship advice.


Last November Biden could be seen lurking in the background of children’s selfies as he peered through a shop window on Nantucket.

The president featured in an eerie close-up after unexpectedly approaching the Lemon Press Juice Shop window in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

In March 2022, Biden also took it upon himself to give the exact same dating advice to a group of eight-year-old, third-grade schoolgirls, saying ‘the only thing I want you girls to remember, no serious guys ’til you’re 30 years old.’

‘What a creep. That poor girl doesn’t want his repulsive hands on her, nor him breathing into her face. And what business is it of his as to who she dates and when? He’s disgusting and inappropriate, among many other things,’ tweeted Vanessa Peveto.

‘Serious question… Why does he always do this? I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve seen of him telling little girls stuff like, ‘Remember, no dating until you’re older’, etc… It’s just flat out weird,’ declared another user.

‘He has no concept of social cues. Look at the body language, the way she pulls back as she’s clearly uncomfortable all the while he leans in further. Inappropriate. Creepy,’ explained one Twitter follower.

‘Why the hell can’t he keep his hands and thoughts to himself around girls and young women- haven’t his handlers talked to him in depth about this??’ wrote another angrily.


The then former Vice President was spotted clutching then-19-year-old Finnegan Biden’s hand as they arrived at a campaign event at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa.

The following year, in May 2021, Biden was slammed for ‘creepy’ remarks he made about a young girl during a speech at a Virginia military base.

On that occasion he went off-script to point out an ‘elementary school- aged’ girl as he delivered an address at Joint Base Langley-Eustis.

‘I love those barrettes in your hair, man,’ the President said to the girl, who was sitting at the side of the stage

‘I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,’ Biden bizarrely continued.

The girl’s mother had reportedly introduced Biden to the stage prior to his speech.

Footage of Biden’s odd remarks was shared to The Post Millennial’s Twitter page, with many users perturbed by what they heard.

‘Your president people… there is a reason they don’t let him talk in front of cameras often..’ one stated.


‘He’s socially awkward. He says it like he’s trying to be sweet. Innocent in his head meanwhile everyone else is like ‘Uhhh what??” the person wrote on Twitter.

‘[But I] Gotta agree with some comments here. If Trump said it then it would have been front page news. That’s how biased our news outlets are.’

In 2021, during an event in Florida, Biden told a group of underage female dancers: ‘I’m coming back and I want to see these beautiful young ladies, I want to see them dancing when they are four years older too!’

In 2019, he told a 10-year-old girl: ‘I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.’

He has also been photographed over the years kissing and touching young girls and women during public events.

During his presidential campaign, three women also came forward accusing him of acting inappropriately.

Biden responded with a public statement, saying: ‘In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort.

‘And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.’



January 2015: Biden is pictured kissing the head of Mitch McConnell’s young niece as her uncle is sworn in as Senate Majority Leader

January 2015: The then-Vice President is pictured leaning in close to speak with the young daughter of Democrat Senator Chris Coons

February 2015: Biden is caught on camera touching Stephanie Carter as her husband, Ashton, was sworn in as Secretary of Defense.

The photo led Biden to be dubbed ‘Creepy Joe’ and Creepy Veep’ in a Telegraph article published just days later.

Mrs Carter later said of the photo that it had been ‘misleadingly extracted from what was a longer moment between close friends’.

March 2019: Former Nevada state assemblywoman Lucy Flores goes public, accusing Biden of inappropriately kissing and touching her at a 2014 event

April 2019: D.J. Hill comes out claiming Biden made her feel ‘very uncomfortable’ when he touched her in Minneapolis in 2012

April 2019: Caitlyn Caruso claims Biden gave her a hug that lasted ‘just a little bit too long’ when she was a teenage student attending an event devoted to sexual assault in 2016

April 2019: Biden addressed the claims of inappropriate touching in a video, stating:  ‘I always try to be in my career, always tried to make a human connection.

‘That’s my responsibility, I think. I shake hands, I hug people. I grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this, whether they’re women, men, young, old. It’s the way I’ve always been and tried to show that I care about them and I’m listening.’

May 2019: Biden tells a 10-year-old girl: ‘I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good looking’

March 2020: Former Senate staffer Tara Reade accuses Biden of sexually assaulting her in a hallway in 1993. He vigorously denies the allegation.

May 2020: Biden gave his teen granddaughter a kiss on the lips while giving a speech at a campaign trail event ahead of the Iowa caucuses

October 2020: Biden told a group of underage female dancers: ‘I’m coming back and I want to see these beautiful young ladies, I want to see them dancing when they are four years older too!’

May 2021: Biden told an elementary-aged girl that she ‘looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed’ during a speech at a Virginia military base

October 2022: Biden appeared to grab a teenage girl by the shoulders and tell her, ‘no serious guys till you’re 30,’ while posing for a picture at a California community college.

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