Record 50 million immigrants in US, spiked by illegal surge under Biden

The foreign-born population of citizens in America has reached nearly 50 million, or 15% of the country’s total population — both record highs.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the surge has come faster than expected, and during the U.S.-Mexico border crisis sparked by President Joe Biden’s liberal policies.

The immigrant population was not expected to hit 15% until 2033, according to a new analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies.

What’s more, the numbers are likely much higher because the “Current Population Survey” of foreign-born residents doesn’t account for those who slipped in unseen.


While the media have focused on the near-daily records of illegal border crossings and Biden’s refusal to manage it, the census numbers show the impact of the open border across the country.

That can be seen in this bullet point provided by Camarota and Zeigler: “Since President Biden took office in January 2021, the foreign-born population has grown by 4.5 million — larger than the individual populations of 25 U.S. states.”

Other highlights from their report:

  • The 4.5 million increase overall and the 2.5 million increase in illegal immigrants are both net figures. The number of new arrivals was significantly higher but was offset by outmigration and natural mortality among the foreign-born already here.
  • The foreign-born population has grown on average by 137,000 a month since Biden took office, compared to 42,000 a month during Donald Trump’s presidency before COVID-19 hit, and 68,000 a month during President Barack Obama’s two terms.
  • The scale of immigration is so high that it appears to have made the new Census Bureau population projections, published on Nov. 9 of this year, obsolete. The bureau projected that the foreign-born share was not supposed to hit 15% until 2033.
  • The largest percentage increases since January 2021 are for immigrants from South America (up 28%), Central America (up 25%), Sub-Saharan Africa (up 21%), the Caribbean (up 20%), and the Middle East (up 14%).
  • Immigrants from all of Latin America increased by 2.9 million since January 2021, accounting for 63% of the total increase in the foreign-born population.
  • While a large share of the recent foreign-born growth is due to illegal immigration, legal immigrants still account for three-fourths of the total foreign-born population.


“If present trends are allowed to continue, the total number of immigrants would reach 58.9 million and 17.3% of the total population by the end of a second Biden term. These numbers and percentages are, of course, all new record highs. If this happens it would mean that during his eight years, the foreign-born population would grow by 14 million — much of it illegal. This would exceed even the 11.1 million increase in the 10 years between 1990 and 2000, which is the largest numerical intercensal increase in the foreign-born population ever,” wrote the experts.

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