GREG GUTFELD: BLM rioters fined $500 for burning down a Wendy’s

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Yeah. Yeah. Control yourself. So, remember back in grade school when the teacher would leave the room and tell everyone to behave while she was gone? Of course, the second she left, the room went wild. That’s how I got my first tattoo. I’d show you, but the FCC doesn’t allow frontal nudity, so it was great with the teacher gone, right? But remember how after a while it would get ugly? The bullying and the fights would start. Things would get tossed around the room and by things I mean me. So when the teacher came back, you were sort of relieved. In your heart, you knew the class needed a grown up to keep things from chaos.

Which brings us to America. Can someone please call the teacher back into the room and not so they can sleep with their students, although that helps, but to save us from the madness. Every weekend we’re seeing the same stories of violent mobs disrupting and destroying our cities.


So at this point, can I just ask a simple question? Is anyone actually running this place or is it all by design? Because nothing goes wrong, this perfectly.

Let’s take Atlanta. Last week, two BLM rioters were allowed to take a plea deal for burning down a Wendy’s restaurant. Talk about flame broiling. The two arsonists, Chisom Kingston and Natalie White, each received a $500 fine and probation. That’s right. No jail time for first degree arson. I’ll remember that the next time I go through a drive-thru and they forget my ketchup. But I guess that’s why they call it “Hotlanta” or they used to. I don’t remember.

The arson occurred after a black man suspected of a DWI got into a scuffle with police. The man got hold of one of the cops’ tasers, fired twice, which is when the officer shot and killed him. And amid the ongoing protests after, someone shot and killed an eight-year-old black girl near the site a few weeks later. Now, this was during 2020, “Summer of Love,” when rioters nationwide engaged in mostly peaceful protests that did $2 billion in damage and killed at least 19 people. It used to be to get that kind of love, you had to change your safe word to harder. So how did these two firebugs get a deal so sweet, it should have come with a shot of insulin.

Well, here’s Fannie Willis, the Atlanta chief prosecutor. She’s doing such a great job on crime down there that Atlanta’s buckhead region, which accounts for 40% of the city’s tax revenue is actually trying to secede. At least Fannie saved Kamala the trouble of having to bail the two arsonists out. So, after the Wendy’s became a smoking ruin, the site became yet another BLM shrine and occupied zone.


Last month, store owners in George Floyd Square sued the city of Minneapolis, claiming that the area has become a hub for violent crime and that police won’t even respond anymore. Strange how powerful those three letters are, BLM. They seem to instantly put prosecutors to sleep faster than a rum and Coke from Bill Cosby. In fact, one major study found that the vast majority of charges against BLM protesters in the summer of 2020 were ultimately dropped or dismissed. And, of course, massive fraud by BLM itself has never been investigated. So wait a minute. If nobody’s holding anyone to account for all this, what is our criminal justice system actually doing?

Well, there’s Fannie down in Atlanta who’s keeping busy with her 13 count RICO on Donald Trump, which has to be the most bogus case since Prince Harry claimed he had balls. That was unnecessary. Oh, and there’s always Jan 6, the most persecuted Jan since Eve Plumb. Our feds just can’t go to that well often enough, can they? Currently, over 1200 people have been charged, many for just setting foot on the Capitol steps.

Take, for instance, this man, Siaka Massaquoi, nearly three years after the fact, the feds just picked him up, charged with misdemeanors, including trespassing, disorderly conduct and parading in a Capitol building, parading. Three years of investigation for that, countless manhours for this guy. Why do I get the feeling Siaka’s major felonies are being a Trump supporter and a conservative on social media?


So, while the feds and progressive prosecutors obsess on Trump, Jan 6, and the ongoing plague of pronoun misuse, Jewish students on campus still feel unsafe, and we know that not because of any prosecution or arrests, but because of Republican led hearings on Capitol Hill yesterday. Meanwhile, with the weekend coming up, the current crop of anti-Israel rioters made up heavily of Antifa and BLM rebrands will again shut down traffic and trains and commit random acts of violence and vandalism. And there will be no consequences.

Is it me or does it look like the teacher won’t be back in the room until November 2024? That’s only if he’s not locked in the faculty room by the administrators.

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