‘Putting up BLM or Pride flags!’ US teachers ‘indoctrinating’ classrooms to ‘push aside Christian values’ – Ex-Trump advisor

Donald Trump’s former legal adviser has hit out at US teachers for “indoctrinating” classrooms with their personal views.

Speaking on GB News, May Mailman said slogans promoting Christianity are being “pushed aside” for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Pride flags.

Such political gestures have proven controversial in America, evidenced by LGBTQ Pride flags being banned by two California school districts in September.


“I think it is fairly new, but you do have teachers putting up huge Pride banners”, she said.

“It’s interesting. The court cases that are going to come out of it are the ones that used to be used when teachers put up banners saying ‘in God we trust’.


“There has always been a bit of an issue on how much teachers can bring in their own personal viewpoints. Of course, ‘in God we trust’ appears on our currency, so it’s not that controversial.

“Compared to talking about sexual positions to kindergarteners or dividing students based on race which is definitely controversial and inappropriate.”

She went on to claim that such teachings are being “exposed” via the medium of social media websites like TikTok.

The former Trump adviser added Christian values are being “pushed aside” in the American classroom.

“Those ideas have really been pushed aside in the classroom”, she said.


“They are very divisive ideologies.”

LGBTQ groups have hit out at the banning of gay Pride symbols in schools, arguing they are an extension of curriculum bans restricting mentions of the topic.

California’s Alameda County saw the Sunol school board voting 2-1 in favour of a ban on Pride flags at the town’s only elementary school.

This occurred on the same day as the Temecual school board in Southern California voting 3-2 to ban all flags except the US flag and the state flag.

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