Wily migrants found to dodge deportation by SWAPPING rooms in tax-payer funded hotels

Channel-crossing migrants have dodged deportation from the UK by enacting a cunning but simple plan.

In a bid to escape the threat, migrants are reported to be swapping their rooms with other migrants in the same taxpayer-funded hotels in an informal swap.

As the migrants were not in their allocated rooms, Home Office officials were unable to locate failed asylum seekers.

Members of the Immigration Enforcement Unit were sent to migrant hotels with authorisation to transfer failed asylum seekers to the airport.


Sources have confirmed attempts to locate the migrants were called off due to a lack of manpower.

Despite the Home Office gathering biometrics on all Channel migrants, it would be almost impossible to fingerprint hundreds of people to locate a missing migrant.

Migrants are also free to leave hotels as they please.

Such a situation ensures Home Office enforcement teams might not be at the site when the person is on the premises

Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told The Daily Mail: “This is a complete farce.

“It’s ‘Carry On Up The Home Office’. There clearly needs to be a big shake-up.”


It was revealed last year that it costs around £5.6million a day to provide hotel accommodation for asylum seekers.

The multi-million-pound pot was ensuring accommodation for more than 45,500 asylum seekers, the Home Office had previously confirmed.

Reports of failed asylum seekers dodging deportation come as the Safety of Rwanda Bill returns to Parliament.

MPs voted in favour of Rishi Sunak’s flagship illegal immigration measures earlier this month.

Peers in the House of Lords strongly criticised the legislation, including Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

However, the House of Lords voted to allow the bill to move to the next stage by 206 votes to 84.

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