Migrants who attacked NYPD cops violated ‘parole’ — Send ‘em packing

Deport the cop beaters!

The city’s migrant crisis just went from maddening to completely insane as illegal migrants who beat cops in the middle of Times Square were let go with no bail and then returned to their taxpayer-funded shelter rooms.

President Biden’s policies granted them “humanitarian parole” to pursue their asylum claims — but they’ve plainly violated that parole.

Video from Saturday night shows the migrants swarming a pair of NYPD officers (one a lieutenant) near Times Square, raining kicks on their heads and bodies, simply because the cops told some of them to move along.


Police sources ID’d the five as here from Venezuela and tell The Post that one, Yorman Reveron, has two open cases in Manhattan for assault and robbery.

Yet none is locked up at Rikers, let alone in ICE custody for deportation proceedings.

Blame New York’s lax laws and lame prosecutors for the first, and our “Sanctuary City” rules for the second.

Oh, and blame Biden for them being here at all: US law in no way grants entry to “asylum seekers” who crossed another safe nation on the way here and can’t prove they sought asylum there.


That’s why Reveron was still loose, and living in a taxpayer-funded shelter. It’s shameful.

Of course New York lefties would surely rally to block any effort to hand them over.

Plus, “sanctuary” rules now forbid city officials from giving ICE any info on or access to illegals except in the most extreme circumstances — and beating up New York’s Finest apparently isn’t extreme enough.


And even when Biden’s policies go away, the local political class that’s given us that pact will probably look for some way to restore “social justice” by importing more “asylum seekers” anyway.

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