Democrats rushing to destroy America before Trump Two


Hurry, hurry, hurry! That’s the message of the Democratic Party to their minions in politics, from their overlords in the global governments — hurry up and pass as much legislation, policy and regulations that will kill America’s economy and Constitution before the 2024 elections.

Time grows short. Donald Trump is coming back. And he’s bringing a double dose of America First prescription to cure all that’s ailed and continues to ail under Joe Biden.

So Democrats are resisting all that’s beneficial to America’s freedoms, in a final-inning push to put into play all the not-so-easily destroyed globalist agendas before Biden is pulled back by his puppet strings and shaken from office — before a president who actually loves America comes into power and once again, the World Economic Forum is put in its place; the World Health Organization is stripped of its funding; the United Nations is told to sit down and shut up, that America’s back in town and the China-adoring pawns of Big Government can go back to their corners.


“The Biden administration finalized regulations severely tightening restrictions on fine particulate matter that the manufacturing and energy sectors are legally allowed to emit, an action that industry said would have devastating economic consequences,” Fox News just reported.

“Biden Administration’s Policies Have Fueled Worst Border Crisis in U.S. History,” the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability wrote in January.

“Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” Biden wrote in a January 2021 executive order that basically set minority interests at the forefront of all administration-level policies — before considerations of skill, of experience, of the Constitution, of competence. Hire more minorities: those are the marching orders — now make it happen.

“President Biden Announces the Build Back Better Framework,” the White House reported in October of 2021, in a memo that essentially puts in place the whole Great Reset vision of the World Economic Forum, in America.


These are all leftist agendas that are coming on strong in the final days of Biden’s presidency. The idea is to circumvent Congress with environmental policy that shuts down production and growth; flood the borders with illegals who then disappear into the night, emerging only to beat the crap out of America’s police officers, on video, for all to see — for all the thugs to sneer; reshape the free market so that money-making becomes a matter of most money going to the companies with the looniest social justice advocacy, and career advancement becomes dependent on participation in woke agendas; and lay the groundwork for the next great big health scare that will give government once more the justification to exert massive lockdowns of liberties on populations of the world. The bigger the fear, the better the mechanisms of control, dontcha know.

This is the morass in which Democrats are now traipsing.

They aren’t for America.

They aren’t even for their American constituents.

They’re for a new world order, a one world order, a great reset and build back order — it’s all the same — where a select few at the top can say what the 99 percent at the bottom can do, can eat, can say, can think.

All roads for these anti-America Democrats lead to globalism. And Donald Trump is their worst nightmare.

Every presidential election is important, historic and crucial. But this coming 2024 contest holds the potential of being the last election where elections matter.


That’s the point of no return.

That’s when it’s not just policy and law that are changed, but rather hearts and minds.

There truly does come a point when the foundations shift to such a degree they cannot be changed — because there’s no one left who desires the change.

Yes. This coming election is that important.

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