EXCLUSIVE: America’s Most Wanted ‘pedophile’ Davie Albarran seen shooing children away as he installs wooden fence at sister’s Florida property where he had been hiding out in a shed before his arrest

Davie Albarran was finally arrested in Polk County, Florida on February 18 after spending over a year on the run

It appears to be a typical scene in rural America – a crew of men installing fencing around a property as eager children buzz around wanting to help.

Except the man in the white shirt directing the work is ‘pedophile’ Davie Albarran, one of America’s most wanted criminals, who now faces charges so severe he could face the death penalty if convicted.

Albarran, 51, can be seen for the first time in security surveillance footage taken by a neighbor of his sister, Madeline Albarran, who is accused of letting the fugitive stay at her home in Lakeland, Florida, while cops hunted him.


He was hiding out just 60 miles from where he fled after being confronted by one of his two adult daughters who both eventually nailed him with their own astonishing detective work and TV publicity.

Albarran was arrested by Polk County Sheriff’s Office at midnight Sunday, February 18, when he was found hiding out in a shed on Madeline’s property following crucial information from 33-year-old daughter Ana.

And neighbor Sharon Filsinger, whose footage shows him laying low at the home, told DailyMail.com: ‘There are various related families who live there. Two toddlers run around in the yard, sometimes just in a diaper, hardly ever with clothes on.

‘It makes me sick to my stomach to think that those babies were running around when Albarran was hiding out.

‘They were in the shed with him at times. He was around the kids all the time. I just don’t even want to think about it. It makes me completely ill.’

Video of Albarran being confronted by sheriff’s deputies and arrested – where he arrogantly tells them, ‘you’re not the law, I know the law’ – can also be exclusively revealed by DailyMail.com.

Ana and sister Yaneiry, 30, spent 15 months tracking their father down with a social media blitz and legwork that included staking out more than 40 premises in the hope of catching him themselves – narrowly missing him four times.

They allege they were battling against other members of their large extended family they claim helped their father evade capture.


Filsinger, whose cameras also caught grainy footage of the arrest, only discovered she had a fugitive in her midst days after he was arrested. She immediately went back over stored digital clips on her home security cameras to spot him.

Incredibly, the grandmother was introduced to Albarran by Madeline, who claimed his name was Max.

The fugitive didn’t say anything and appeared to hang back as the two women chatted across their boundaries.

‘Madeline and her husband Angel bought the place in November last year and they immediately started building things, like that shed he was hiding in and that boundary fence,’ said Filsinger, 56.

‘My husband Steve met Angel a couple of weeks after they arrived and shortly afterwards I went out to the fence line when Madeline was there and spoke with her. She had somebody else with her and she introduced him as her brother Max. But it was Davie.


‘Generally, they laid low, kept to themselves. They did their own thing. You didn’t see much of them, other than the building work which was mostly Davie, who I thought was called Max.’

The January 5 video shows Albarran directing two other men in constructing the large boundary fence that would eventually shield three sides of the property.

Indistinct voices of chattering young children appearing eager to help can be heard.

At one point, Albarran tells one of them: ‘You can’t come over here.’

‘Most days Davie was working around the property on that fence, his shed, a chicken coop, goat corrals and a playhouse. I didn’t think much of it at the time,’ said Filsinger.


‘She said: ‘Oh he’s doing good. He should be getting out soon. He’s innocent’. She also claimed he wasn’t living there and I said, well I’ve got him on video.

‘I had five kids, I’ve got a grandson. To Madeline, you guys want to harbor someone who’s like that? You want to condone someone who’s allegedly doing that… and then you want to lie about it?

‘We have no business with anyone like that in our neighborhood.’

Albarran desperately tried to bluff his way out of being captured when he was confronted by police, as revealed in different footage on the Filsinger couple’s multiple security cameras.

The first of two grainy clips shows a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy with a flashlight opening the door of the shed where the accused pedophile had been holed up.

Suddenly a sheriff’s office K9 called Kreed can be heard barking loudly and the action moves to part of the yard on the other side of the house.

The second clip reveals two officers catching up with Albarran. One cop shouts in an apparent bid to halt the fugitive: ‘No you’re not, no you’re not… stand still.’

Albarran, whose voice was identified to DailyMail.com by Ana, arrogantly says: ‘You’re not the law, I know the law.’

A cop replies definitively: ‘I am the law.’

After an indistinct exchange, the cops adds: ‘Yeah, that’s what you think.’

Albarran asks: ‘Are you, are you accusing me?’


Meanwhile, Ana and Yaneiry are demanding their father gets the death penalty if convicted, as exclusively revealed in an interview with DailyMail.com.

But first they want him to rot in prison for 20 years before being executed under a new law signed by the state’s governor Ron DeSantis.

Albarran was hunted on two charges brought by Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. But the sisters say there are now 24 alleged victims who were aged between five and 16 when they say they were seriously sexually assaulted by him over the past 20 years. Several were allegedly raped, including a four-year-old.

Ana said: ‘I want the death penalty. He should get the worst punishment possible, the worst there is. He deserves 20 years in jail and then to die in there. Whatever they can do to him – because he has caused so much pain to so many people.’

Yaneiry, 30, agreed, saying: ‘It will be an honor for him to know that we are the reason for him to leave the earth. We want him to know we are his karma.

‘And we’re going to confront him in court, look him in the eye. I want to see that man in his little orange jumpsuit and for him to know we put him there.


Under a law signed by DeSantis in 2023, the death penalty can be imposed in Florida for sexual battery of a child aged 12 or under. Albarran is accused of that crime plus lewd and lascivious conduct and child abuse.

Astonishingly, the sisters physically checked out more than 40 motels and various private residences where they believed their father could be holed up during his 451 days he was on the lam.

At one point, they narrowed down their search to the Friendly Village Inn Motel between Kissimmee and St Cloud, Florida, where they say they saw other estranged family members bringing the alleged pedophile food while he was living there.

They tipped off the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, but agonizingly Albarran had slipped away by the time officers reached the rundown business by the side of a busy highway.

The sisters also say they tracked him to a former girlfriend’s house and to another home owned by a woman who had no idea that he was on the run while living there between July and October last year.

They revealed the huge personal toll the traumatic manhunt has taken, including Ana suffering a near breakdown, her marriage to husband Erick under intense strain and becoming so depressed she was incapable of even brushing her teeth.


Yaneiry claimed one of her daughters is among the alleged 24 victims. And it was the child’s disclosure to an aunt at a birthday sleepover on the night of November 25, 2022, that the family’s world fell apart.

Yaneiry was at home in St Cloud when called at 11pm by another of her sisters, Francesca, who relayed that the girl claimed she had been abused for three months.

Formerly homeless Albarran, who Yaneiry took in after he was sleeping in his car, was confronted when he arrived at their home shortly afterwards.

‘I loved my father, he was my best friend and we had such a beautiful relationship,’ said Yaneiry . ‘On November 25, 2022, that all changed. Once I found out that he hurt what was most precious to me, our love was out of the window.

‘The night of the confrontation I got a phone call from my older sister about my daughter. She spoke up about being sexually abused by my father at a little girls’ sleepover. And then another little girl also came forward and said the same.

‘I confronted my father and completely lost it. I snapped. Like I just went nuts. I hit him a couple of times. I was throwing things, breaking things.

‘And I was saying to him, don’t lie to me. I was throwing his stuff everywhere, I was throwing things at his car. I was going crazy, he was my best friend. The fact that he did this to me, I just couldn’t believe it.

‘He ran to his car and just drove off. That is the last time I saw him.’


‘So me and my sister sat down and we decided we were going to let everybody know who he was. But also that we were also going to personally hunt him down.’

Ana plastered Facebook with appeals for help and then developed a massive TikTok campaign with 96,000 followers and 3.7million likes to build information in the hunt for her father. The sisters even raised money for two billboards in Orlando.

Their social media onslaught developed an army of informants and the sisters personally acted on the information, while Osceola Sheriff’s Office and other agencies continued the hunt.

Albarran’s capture happened shortly after he was featured on the TV show America’s Most Wanted  this month. It was the spark that eventually led to his arrest amid the sister’s dogged determination.

‘We almost had him four times,’ said Ana. ‘That was when he was at the Friendly Motel, when he was living at the house of a former girlfriend, when he was staying at the home of a woman between July and October last year. I gave the cops all that information.’


‘She didn’t know until America’s Most Wanted that he was wanted for those horrible crimes,’ said Ana. ‘She’s innocent and she is the one who told us who must be helping him.

‘As a result, I used Snapchat location for one of my relatives to pinpoint where I believe he was hiding out. Then I called the sheriff’s office and said, I promise he’s there, go look for him.’

DailyMail.com visited the Friendly Motel. A manager said he could not help in identifying Albarran as a former guest.

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