Grinning Venezuelan woman arrested in connection with migrant beatdown of cops in Times Square

Thirteen people have been arrested so far in connection with the wild caught-on-video brawl that injured an officer and a lieutenant. DCPIPhoto by: DCPI

A 20-year-old Venezuelan woman has been arrested in connection with the brutal migrant mob beating of two police officers in Times Square — as cops continued searching for two more suspects.

Edgarlis Vegas, from Brooklyn, was picked up by the police in Midtown Manhattan just after 8:30 a.m. on Monday on a charge of assault on a police officer stemming from the Jan. 27 melee, according to the NYPD.


Vegas, who has no prior history of arrests, has become the 13th suspect detained over the cop beatdown that sent shockwaves through the city and sparks calls for migrant deportations.

More than six weeks after the sidewalk skirmish, police are still on the hunt for two more suspects, one of whom was last seen wearing a bright-red hoodie and the other a dark-colored puffer jacket.

Violence erupted when a police officer tried to detain a migrant who failed to move along on West 4nd Street.


More than a dozen suspects have seen been arrested and charged in connection with the mob assault, among them Yohenry Brito, 24, Yorman Reveron, 24, Ulises Bohorquez, 21, Wilson Juarez, 21, Kelvin Servat Arocha, 19, Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel, 19 and Yarwuin Madris, 17.

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