NY homeowner arrested after changing locks on alleged squatters, report says

NEW YORK CITY (TND) — A homeowner in New York City was taken away in handcuffs after she tried to change the locks on her home to keep out a group of alleged squatters, ABC 7 reported.

Adele Andaloro told the outlet she is the owner of a million-dollar home in Flushing, Queens, which she inherited from her parents. In a recent visit to the property, the outlet captured an unknown woman unlock the front door before leaving.


When officers arrived, they asked the men to prove their resident status. While Andaloro had the property deed in hand, neither individual could present leasing documents to back up their claims.

One man showed the outlet bills for work he claimed to have done to the house. He also claimed to have moved into the house with the help of a realtor, but would not name that individual. Officers then escorted the two men out.

After that encounter, Andaloro reportedly called a locksmith to change the locks on the house. Minutes after having the locks changed, the two men returned and called police, reportedly saying Andaloro had illegally evicted them.


Police then arrested Andaloro for the illegal eviction.

Regardless of when the alleged squatters arrived, eviction cases in New York City take an average of 20 months to be resolved, meaning the people staying there will have rights to the property long before the case is heard.

ABC 7 reporters say they are now hearing from city residents who claim to know the specifics of this law. Some say if police approach them over a squatter dispute, they know to immediately claim to have been on the property 30 days.

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