Watch: BLM Protesters Chase Down Attendees Of Kyle Rittenhouse Event At U Of Memphis, Block Cars From Exiting

Leftists upset with man who shot people chasing him down the street decided to chase down attendees of his speaking event.

Rittenhouse, known for killing two men and shooting a third when he was chased down by an angry mob during the 2020 BLM riots, spoke about 2nd Amendment rights, gun violence and more.


Some demonstrators held up the names of the convicted pedophile and convicted wife beater who were killed by Rittenhouse.

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Attendees of the event needed a police escort when walking to their vehicles as the rowdy crowd yelled, “Black lives matter!” “Fuck you! Boo!” and “No justice, no peace.”

One of the people in the group can be heard shouting, “I hope you get murdered!”

The chaotic scene continued as attendees tried driving their cars out of the parking garage with the mob spitting on their windows and trying to block the exit.


Check out the view from inside a truck leaving the event:

TPUSA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk posted footage of the protesters chanting, “Lock his ass up,” and “Fuck his ass up” outside the building where Rittenhouse was set to speak.


Kirk wrote:

  • 1 – Forcing us to change our ticketing system the day of the event. The university’s excuse is they want to ensure “fair and equitable” ticketing. This means the hundreds of students who thought they had tickets will not get in. This has never happened at one of our events.
  • 2 – Protester groups were somehow tipped off about the school’s new ticketing system and the timing of when they’d be made available, allowing them to reserve large numbers of tickets to stage a walk out. We know this because our students are also in those group chats and alerted us. This also has never happened before.
  • 3 – We had thousands of people register for tickets to this event, but the school would only give us a venue with 330 seat. No overflow. No larger venue.
  • 4 – Our chapter president has been doxxed with his number and address published on social media. The campus police and school administrator shrugged their shoulders.
  • 5 – The administration has said they cannot step in or ask protesters to leave if they attempt to disrupt the event or shout down Kyle.
  • 6 – The school has allowed into the event the student that doxxed our chapter president, knowing this person was responsible for the doxxing.
  • 7 – The protestors have entered the event and are taping the names of the people involved in Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense. The school is not stopping them.

Check out some of the demonstrators who were able to get tickets to the event:



Outlets like Newsweek, the Daily Memphian and Action News 5 pushed the claim that Rittenhouse “left stage abruptly” or stormed off stage in their headlines instead of focusing on the real story.

The media is more concerned with lying about Rittenhouse “fleeing” stage than anti-First and Second Amendment college students surrounding innocent attendees of a speaking event.

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